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Phoenix Heli-Flight Pilot Ad

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Well I'm an experienced IFR ATPL offshore Captain that can teach proper IFR to OGP standards 2 crew etc. 1000 hrs multi . I'm also a production sim test pilot civil deployment. I have both US and Canadian IFR and a few other licenses to boot. My rate is 1500 per day + expenses . Would need a 135 rating as these aren't really used much in the OGP world , too small. Transition from the 92, Puma, or 76 is not a difficult thing and I'm sure that there would be loads of Canadian guys with similar experience or more willing to help. but it ain't gonna be the operator that sets the price, that's for sure . Why not just send the guys to sim in Louisiana for a 2 week type course and do the NVG same time. You can do all the ARA training , night decks, IFR stuff too if you like


Good luck.

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There's clearly a resume on his desk, that "fits" the advert placed. Therefor the advertising requirements are "met" for that part of the exercise , and anyone thinking otherwise, I would bet a dollar, are wrong, Maybe , but I don't think so.


Unfortunately this is systemic in the industry,, especially when you find yourself anywhere near oil and gas, I am happy too see "competency" based logic is starting to filter through, with forestry, and a few others, but as long as Chevron TCPL, and the rest require 1500hrs PIC to land on a 60mx 60m lease site things are likely to stay the same. How on earth do you expect people to advance. Therefor, you begin too see the "tail" wagging the "dog", and I am pretty sure its supposed to be the other way about.

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Guest plumber

It seems some guys are beating up on Darrel here when it clearly is a rating and twin hours not many Canadians have. My bigger concern is the company in Pheonix's home town that is overlooking Canadian VFR pilots ( that are not in shortage) for foriegn pilots. Last time I checked Big M that goodlooking and female are not oil company requirements!

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