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Phoenix Heli-Flight Pilot Ad

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No need to apologize Gilles.....Skully said it best.


BSH....and that was the point of my statement thanks....I was hoping Phoenix would have been a bit more proactive in this discussion in regards, to mitigate the fallout of another TFW coming to fill a seat in Canada.

Companies that undertake hiring lower time pilots and engineers, give endorsements, mentor and train their people, in my books are the class leaders in our industry.

We need more of them....:)

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In re-reading Phoenix's CP's post, I feel he did respond clearly and honestly with what their intentions are.


From what I understand, Phoenix has provided numerous endorsements, and well above industry standard training to both Pilots and Engineers.


I agree, our industry could use more companies like them.


Have a good day.

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Then lets get his posts back on there so we can see Gilles' view. It's been somewhat different and interesting due to his admission of being a plank driver, but hey, he's still in aviation and has some interesting comments; also has been willing to step back an apologize when in error-that's refreshing!


This whole thread has been an interesting event, with a whole lot of emotional supposition. Personally, my opinion of Paul and Phoenix is it's a first class operation. Paul has always been driven to succeed, which entails going the extra, and has also not let the little? bureaucratic challenges stop him from achieving the objective in a very competitive industry, in a very challenging location. Sometimes the right (qualified)personnel are hard to come by and we do have to go outside of the local area (including our great country). I would be surprised to find the TFW program being abused by Phoenix.


No, I don't work there either, but would likely find myself happy to if I wasn't content working with one of the best companies around. :D

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Well, apparently he felt unwelcome here by recent attacks and was reprimanded by a moderator for his posts. As aviation professionals serving different niche markets, I would think that pilots would have the maturity to be able to accept and exchange viewpoints from other professionals, even if they are not flying the same aircraft type.


The TFW issue is affecting the entire aviation industry (and beyond), and is being abused (well, the abuse is enabled by our government) by many operators for various reasons. Gilles has dedicated a great deal of time and energy, at great personal sacrifice, to provide factual information under his real name in order that everyone will be aware of what is going on.


Being aware doesn't force anyone to agree with the information being passed, or to take any action. If however, after hearing the information and you decide there is no problem, then that is your right as a free thinking individual but no excuse for personal attack.


For some reason it seems less common to find dual-qualified pilots in Canada, and maybe that is why there is such an us/them mentality between fixed-wing and helicopter pilots. Certainly the US pilot population doesn't seem to have this problem since it appears far more common to find American pilots that fly both and relish the freedom to do so.


Seems to me to more open-minded and versatile to be qualified to fly as many diverse types as possible - or at least be accepting of those who chose to explore other options. Before I die or lose my medical I want to fly as many different aircraft types as I can get my hands on, and enjoy the learning experience.


I find it refreshing to hear Gilles' questions about helicopter flying - clearly he is well aware there are vast differences between VFR heli ops and the airline world. He often asks questions about the helicopter industry in order to learn more about how this industry works. Interestingly, there are more similarities than differences between his world and the two crew helicopter operations that are becoming more prevalent. The exchange of ideas goes both ways - why not take the opportunity to learn more about his world? Maybe we can all walk away from the discussion a little wiser.


Personally I am always interested to hear opinions and thoughts from colleagues who work in different niche markets of which I am unfamiliar and view it as an opportunity to learn, and not a threat to my ego.


For those of you that just can't stand fixed-wing pilots and you're too old or stubborn to change your ways, then I ask you to consider embracing Gilles as a future helicopter pilot that hasn't come out of the closet yet. ;)


Thanks for listening,


tin lizzie

fixed-wing/heli pilot

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