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This is a funny industry.

On one side we have huge lay-offs and closures....and on the other side we are told to run away from those that remain. What's a guy to do??

I don't know the answer, (and fortunately my employer doesn't fall into either of these groups) but it is always interesting to read this stuff. Does the secret to most Operator's survival lie in treating their staff like shxt? I hope not.

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Considering the state the industry (Nov 2014) with lay-offs, lack of work, declining tariffs and the resource industry being hit with low commodity prices (oil - gas - gold - silver - forestry), it is no surprise that all companies are struggling at the moment. And that will impact all of us.


The fact that OpsMobil is making the transition of merging several companies... it should be expected that there will be bumps in the road. Former employees who don't like change... usually resist it, quit, get fired - but always complain. Those that stay are those that embrace change and work to make it positive and successful.


I personally hope that OpsMobil succeeds with their innovative business plan. The helicopter industry definitely needs some winners and positive stories going forward.


I didn't try phoning the company - but I fired off an email to the president to see what is happening and received a reply 10 minutes later with a very professional and forthright response.


I think we need a little patience with this company - and hopefully they become a success story that ensures employment opportunities in our industry. Lack of successful competition in the marketplace equals lack of work and lower wages.


And no - I'm not, nor have I ever been employed by OpsMobil. At least not yet - LOL.

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