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Inadvertent Imc

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Good video from Eurocopter regarding an IIMC incident.


Was going to post in the videos section, but thought it might warrant some good discussion and input here.


As the fire season kicks off, we all need to remember that smoke can be just as bad as cloud (or worse).


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In my experience, the most inconvenient decision (i.e. stay on the ground) is the safest one.


You need airspeed in that situation so that all the fins and stabilisers work properly. If I remember right, the minimum IFR speed for the Dauphin is 76 kts, but for most light helicopters it's around 45 kts. As a result, if I don't like what I see at 60 knots, I'm on the ground - I never could judge distance that well from the cockpit. :)


Good movie - kudos to him for talking about it.



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