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geeeze, you kids and yer Apps.   We just used to use a pen and paper and our personal appendages. Once you hit 21 (20 for the fairer pilots) you would just start over and add up the totals at the en

must have dropped the price? Just purchased, thanks!

Woul be nice if you could count sling loads.

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Pretty cool and useful app.....but I still like the fine art of scribbling, then trying to figure out later what the he!! It was I wrote...!!!?!?!


The best part of the day!! absolutely a fine art!!

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I've been using this app for the last week straight on fires in BC...Have to say I quite Love it! Haven't written anything in the trip log, done any "time" math and just hit start/stop and edited the details for Buckets, starts and landings. Very neat, accurate and concise... Furthermore, no calls from forestry saying I was off on my times. Love it!

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I found myself in Staples one day and discovered this handy calendar part of Day-Timer. It comes in a box with a separate pocket-sized booklet for each month of the current year. On the left side is space for notes, things to do and expense records and on the right is a daily work schedule. The work schedule doesn't exactly cover a pilot's day hour-wise but it's easy to work around. The best part is by the time your book is coffee-stained and dog-eared, you just grab a new month and your good to go again. If you worry about your smart phone's battery going dead in the middle of your work day or prefer to write stuff down then this is a good alternative. Also, if you want to get fancy, pick up some sticky labels and print you company logo, etc. for the cover.







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I've been using this app for about a month now, and right now where I'm flying, I'm criss-crossing the BC-AB-YK-NT borders. This app does not like it when your iPhone goes from one timezone to another. Especially on a short leg where you land earlier than when you took off. I've sent feedback to the author. Can't wait to see if he comes up with a fix. Otherwise I just spent a few bucks for nuthin'... :(

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