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Anyone Use Jsfirm To Look For Work? Or Find A Pilot?

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Hi all,


Just wondering if anyone has had any success posting their credentials on JSfirm for local and/or overseas work? And do employers ever look there for pilots (local and/or overseas)? Also wondering if anyone has ever bitten the bullet for their resume overhaul service and if it was worth the $$?


Still interested in VFR work in Canada but since that doesn't seem to be producing any results I'm going to make use of my new FAA Rotorcraft ATP and fire off resumes for offshore ops. Before I start my campaign I thought I'd take fresh look at my CV to see if there is a better way to sell my credentials and experience. Any other reputable aviation head hunting firms I should look at?


How about sources for job ads? Helijobs seems to be on vacation (indefinitely?) and most of the heli job sites I've found are predominately for US pilots. Which is fine if a company would like to sponsor me for an H1B visa... particularly Alaska.... Ok not holding my breath! Any suggestions for leads aside from picking through "Rotorheads" on PPRUNE?


Anyone working overseas that can offer suggestions or leads - I'd greatly appreciate your input!


Thank you!

tin lizzie



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Hope your not a Canadian heading overseas to take a locals job away!! :shock:


Bladeslapper is not bad for Downunder way?!


I wouldn't bother paying someone to "overhaul" your resume. Plenty of tips on line for that!







Disclaimer . The first sentence is sarcasm....

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I got one contract through JSFirm a few years back. The funny thing is I had sent the company in question my resumé directly, but they contacted me through JSFirm (and probably spent some coin in the process).


Aeroads, here, the Helicopters Magazine job board, and of course the Canada Job bank, but of course nine out of ten jobs posted there are just for LMO purposes, so don't get your hopes up... ;)


There's also HeliJobs.net http://www.helijobs.net/ , but they're on hiatus. If you go to their site, there's a whole bunch of URLs from where they used to re-post job ads...

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