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Fixed Wing Instrument Option


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Fast I had to do 12 extra hours because TC wouldn't recognize my military IFR training with an instructor in a twin. It was because I couldn't prove the mil instructor held a civilian IFR licence as well. So I would be very weary that you'd be able to prove teaching yourself with the dog ;)

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I would do as much as possible simulator/FTD with heli school of choice (cheap).


Pick a heli school and ask what you should be practicing like routing for exam, holds etc. most commercial heli pilots already have the 5 hrs instrument helicopter requirement but the school you will fly with will make you probably do at least 5 more hours to get ready for a check ride. So use those instrument hours you already had to gain commercial lisence. Then hire a plane and instructor to fill in the reminder of hours needed.


I think the whole thing cost me about $12,000 including simulator, fixed wing, about 6 additional hours helicopter and Pro IFR seminar which I would highly reccomend.

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I should clarify, aparently as per what my friend has told me, while flying (even for work) you can log "hood time" whenever your using instruments/foggles


Aparently TC doesn't say how you get your other 20 hours of instrument. Only that 15 are from an instructor in an aircraft and 5 on the type you want the instrument for. The other 20 are therefor usually done in the sim but can also be done flying either solo or with your dog as a spotter for other aircraft


I was so taken back by this I searched on avcan's forum an this is more common then I thought as a way to build instrument time........

Keep this friend as a beer buddy only. Stop taking advice from him or her.

Aside from providing you the exact CAR's reference paragraph, Winnie is bang on and has outlined it for you in plain english.

If mis-interpreting regs and cutting corners is your norm, perhaps you should re-think the whole idea of flying IFR

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