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Potential Cheaper Training Option In Us For Canadian Students


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Hi all,


I have a buddy (and this isn't one of those "I have this friend" when it's me asking, I am not a CFI lol) who is exploring the options for assisting pilots from other countries get their FAA ratings in the pacific northwest and also working with a flight school in Canada to do the CAA transition on returning. The school has been in operation for over 20 years and does do the occasional international student, but they have not looked into doing it on a larger basis yet.


They have housing available on a first come first serve basis and their rates are $230 an hour wet, with instructor in an R22. Is that something that would offer Canadian students a significant cost saving to do either one rating or PPLH through CFI or Commercial? I don't have any idea of how much a 22 plus instructor costs up there in the north, but I said I would put it out there for him to see if there was enough interest for him to pursue the legwork on what is required for visa's/conversions etc so that he can give a full picture to anyone interested on estimated costs.


This is not a Bristow type operation where they want all the money up front, this is pay by the hour or by whatever block the student wants to pay for. That way there is no issue if the student doesn't want to continue and they are not out any money. Thoughts and input would be appreciated.

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I agree on the boatpix for low budget training. How do they train you while your flying boat photo missions. The $230 rate is ballpark for most operators in that area though. So from a canadian spandpoint, if you do your training in the US, it's not tax deductible? Even if you are spending your hard earned Canadian dollars?

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Commercial helicopter training provided by an accredited Canadian FTU is eligible for a non-refundable tax credit for most students, not a tax deduction. There are ways to make it a tax deduction but for the most part, it's only practical for wealthy individuals.

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