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Coastal, you can't be serious? I have evaluated some of those former 1000 hour (or 2000 or what have you...) instructors who lacked the confidence to land in a confined area that could have held two 61's. Not a fan of puppy mills or the generalization that because a school has international contracts it makes them better, they have the contracts because they have the infrastructure in place to deliver the product that was required and deliver it at a competitive price. At the end of the day it comes down to money.


I will say though, location, location, location...


Also just because you have lots of experience does not make you a good teacher (H56 not withstanding). There are instructors at both big and small schools who might be good pilots or bad pilots but are crumby teachers and some who are terrible pilots in industry too and have a bad reputation and that is why they teach, because they can't make it out in the world. Where ever you go don't be afraid to change instructors (or even schools) if the one you have is not giving you good value for your money.


But seriously, why do you want to become a helicopter pilot...



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"Also just because you have lots of experience does not make you a good teacher "


My point. It's not all about hours. Teaching someone how to fly is different than yarding logs, moving drills, swinging bags etc. I would agree that if someone has time doing those tasks AND is a good instructor, then the paying student will get more for their money than paying for a lower time instructor. Flip side is there are lower time instructors out there that understand how to teach, and can do a better job of Ab Initio than some high timers.

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