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All Blacks

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When I lived downunda, Fox Sports World started to show a game a week.  Tape delayed, sometimes by 6 days.  Was only available on cable, or satellite.  Newspapers may have results, but I wouldn''t hold my breath hoping for live games.  If it''s any consolation, it''s footy season there. 



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407Driver - the All Blacks were and still are, one of the best rugby teams out there. The upcoming team is going to be great so if you get the time will take you and the missus to a game here so you can see grown men beat the #### out of each other, and call it sport, sort of like Ice Hockey except without the pads.


I would say the only place to watch it is a hotel with SKY TV as that is out version of the PAY TV stations in the US and Canada. Most decent hotels have SKY so you might get to see some games.


If you want any touristy suggestions please let me know.


Heli Ops

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Heli-Ops, I just received my Calendar package, WOW, what great products. How may I ever thank you for your kind generosity?


Thanks for all the good info on NZ as well. We''re getting set to travel next week,

Velcro gloves - check

Rubber boots - check

Guide to farms and fields - check


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