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Contract Pilot Rates, What Are They?

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$260,000 per year before tax. 6 weeks on 6 weeks off.

Comfortable accommodation, Laundry done and pressed daily including ginch.

Gold Elite status after 2 years with full lounge privileges

Full medical coverage internationally for whole family

7% pension matching savings

Live anywhere in the world you want


Access and trainging in the latest glass cockpit environment.

Medicals paid for including all licenses held

AC that are maintained to the highest standard


Respectfull, Professional working environment.

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Cosmo, ya you are right, I'm suffering from a momentary lapse of reason .


What I meant was


70k per year take home 50 k or so.

Roach motel with the sunken multiple times old jizzed on mattress

or bush camp trailer set up

Economy class ticket with no leg room/ or must relocate at your expense with dodgy or no contract

Canadian social healthcare with long waiting times to see a doctor

No loss of license insurance or life insurance so if you die family gets whatever comp will pay ( you may opt to get private insurance if you can find it)

RRSP matching if your lucky or zilch =RRSP ( Really Realy Stupid People) because they can change the taxation or the rules anytime


And let's not forget, the amazing privilege of flying someone's helicopter so you can make them rich.


Need I say more....


Back on my meds

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On 9/7/2014 at 11:19 PM, freck said:

I was up in Fort Mac the other day and in 3 of the 4 helicopters were people with accents of down under tone. Could this be helping in keeping these rates lower? I'm guessing it's not helping.

I’m dredging through old posts researching rates in Canada & came across this post - as someone with a down under accent who works in Canada periodically I think it’s worth mentioning that there are probably some foreigners who will work for a low package, but I certainly wouldn’t fly for some of the rates I’ve seen quoted on these forums. As a contractor in Australia I currently get AUD800/day + $150/hour + reimbursed for ALL expenses flying an A-star on fires - maybe if Canadian operators charged a reasonable rate for their aircraft in Canada they wouldn’t need to send so many to Australia to make money on fires! P.S. - I’m looking forward to another season in Canada in 2020, I’ll do my best to be part of the solution for better rates rather than part of the problem.

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In these parts a light & intermediate contractor with through a doorway longline makes between $90K and $140K a year with travel paid, all depending how much flying there is. 2019 was busy locally but anticipating a slow 2020 with current events. 

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