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Harassing Boaters On Okanagon Lk

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Guest bag swinnger

Having pulled hundreds of buckets out of the Slocan river recently, this topic was on my mind. The river is heavily used by kayaks, tubers, inflatable boats and air mattresses. The river has hundreds of them floating down on any given summer day, more on the weekends. I saw dozens of people filming me and wondered how any of that footage could be construed against me. I wasn't worried about hitting any of them but was aware of my downwash at all times so as to not put anyone in the water. I chose to continue with this arrangement as the alternative would be to have forest rangers shut down the river. The whole time wondering if it was the right decision in today's youtube age...

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One thing I try to keep in mind these days is that almost everyone has a camera on their phone or some other video recording device and you never know when someone is going to make you the feature of their little video production.


So, don't break the rules or stunt fly, etc. because inevitably it will end up on the 6 o'clock news or on the Internet. The pilot could probably have safely dipped within five feet of a boat but you have a lake full of vacationing boaters some of whom are "indulging" and want to record the festivities so it's best to stay away as R0T0R mentioned. Now that the media has gotten a hold of it, it's become a big deal and a huge safety issue and buddy filming it has gotten his five minutes of fame as well.


What he said.

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Bikinis attract helicopters. The helicopters cant help themselves.

No kidding! No one seemed to mind the crane sucking up water right off those sandy beaches in Salmon Arm way back when. And yes, there were tons of bikinis there, Not to be outdone, ye ole' 61 followed suit with it's bucket and long line as best it could. The 214's, not to be out done were showing off at the government warf where all the houseboats were hiding (but not the bikini's, there were lots of those) , because the Martin Mars took so much lake, it didn't get airborne untill Sicamous LOL! it was a good time to have a busted knee, layed out in my boat on the lake for 10 days!


But hey! There is nothing to worry about now, the Aussies are here! LOL!


To all you guys out there, keep it real, and fly safe. Looking Good.

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