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I was just wondering if most pilots carry their own personal survival kits Vs. the companies pre made survival kits that usually don't consist of much.


If so, what do you take in your kits?


What experiences have you had that you had to use your kits?


Any tips and pointers on what to bring will help all of us out..

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Look up this thread:




It's a rather long-winded topic, but interesting lessons learned and survival tips are discussed starting page 13 or so...


Personally, I always have a go-bag with me in the aircraft. It contains:

-a survival bivvy/sleeping bag (S.O.L. Survival Bivvy),

-personal first aid kit (so you don't have to crack open the sealed a/c kit for a band-aid),

-warm clothes and rain gear (including socks and underwear for those unscheduled overnites),


-toilet paper,

-food (granola bars, jerky, etc)

-my toolkit


On my person, I always have:

-my leatherman

-my flashlight

-a lighter (even though I don't smoke)

-a pocket survival kit (S.O.L. Origin)

-my iPhone with compass & GPS app for land navigation

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The survival kit in your commercial aircraft should contain enough supplies to sustain a full load of people for a certain number of days, enough to survive, literally, and normally includes tools and signalling devices.


If you want to "survive" then you can carry whatever you personally want with you; booze, smokes, nudey mags, ingredients for smores, an ar-15, small tent, 24" cutlass, various medical supplies, etc.. Also factor in region and climate for clothing and repellents.


Remember a human can generally survive 3 minutes without air, 3 days without water and 30 days without food.


Personally I don't go anywhere without a lighter and some sort of knife.

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Most kits that are in the aircraft cover the basics as mentioned.I always take a go-bag that I want to keep me happy until the cav arrives.That being said try flying over the ocean with 3 hrs and 40 minute stops.I was not a happy camper!Life jacket, blowup boat and sat phone with pockets jammed full of bottled water.Very comfortable for sure.And for breakfast,lunch and dinner we had grapes and gatoraide,wonderfull.

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I've always thought a well stocked survival kit (equipment) can be a life saver in more ways than one..... If you know you're well equipped, you're much likely to land and wait out the bad weather etc, knowing you won't suffer any real undo hardship. Been there, done that!



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I found myself and a couple passengers stuck over night in the coast mountains during a blizzard not too long ago. It was a horrible experience that would have been better had I been wearing proper FOOTWEAR for the climate and terrain. The most useful item in the aircraft survival kit was the folding saw, we would not have been able to get firewood without it. I now always fly with a knife, lighter, foil blanket and some para cord in my life vest.

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