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I was also a layoff victim.... I was appalled at how the whole thing was handled... But as was previously said, one door closes, another one opens!!!! I am DEFINITELY 100% better off where I am now!

Best of luck to everyone who just found themselves out of work. I've been in that position myself. Let's hope it's not a sign of things to come.

Discovery Air is learning the hard way about trying to build a monopoly within Canadian aviation.....sad to see it will be the flight crews/ employees that pay the price !

Remember when Canadian had laid a bunch of guys off when their 212's came back from a contract, and then got another, most wouldn't grace their doors again, same as when VIH took over NMH's work and did the surprise Xmas layoffs, so the guys wouldnt grace their door after that also.

Perhaps the guys in the cold north will learn the lesson next, But if you can turn a wrench, Manpower will probably put you on a course to go make twice the money in a warm shop in Alberta or Sask. Cougar and IMP seem to be busy also my cousin said.

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Oh good luck to all these companies getting the people to come back in the spring. Sure some will be available but good chance the good ones wont be back. Accountants never get the need to hold on to good guys thru the winter.


Unfortunately, seasonal layoffs seem to be becoming the norm at most operators, big and small. That was the biggest attraction for me at GSH; the possibility of working year-round with reasonable tours and a reasonable salary. I'm seriously reconsidering whether I'll be back flying at all if I have to spend another winter on EI. Getting pretty sick and tired of the feast or famine thing...

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