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Hearing Loss In Helicopter Pilots.

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That's what I was going to say ....

All you young guys and gals starting out ..... learn from all our mistakes! Protect your ears, your head and wear gloves to protect your skin (from jet fuel and other shyte ...) .....


..... you won't regret it .... !!!!

What about Nomex flight suits? I feel naked without!


But yeah, starting this morning I'm now rocking earplugs inside the Gallet, until I can commit to a CEP kit.

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There are good affordable alternatives ....there are companies that specialize in custom made ear plugs for hearing protection that are even mobile......I have several pairs that I use and even a pair with speakers for the tunes.


The issue I had with my previous custom plugs was that they were moulded without my helmet on, when I donned my Gallet, it changed my ear shape just enough to render the plus ineffective and uncomfortable.

I'll be smarter the 2nd time around.

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And how does one go about applying for hearing aids from WCB? Do you need to be referred to a audiologist by a doctor first? I've really started to notice my hearing loss the last couple of years...

Every province has its own WCB and the rules that go with it. In Quebec you star with a Dr's prescription for an audiogram. Then the audiologist takes over. They know what to look for and will tell yOu how to proceed. If in doubt about the proceedures in your province get in touch with the people selling hearing aids. They will be only too happy to tell you exactly how to proceed.

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Don't be afraid of the yellow EAR Neon's either, you don't HAVE to spend hundreds of dollars.


These newer EAR brand plugs are softer and fit nicer and don't hurt your ear canal as much.


I have used CEP's for a few years, but got tired of purchasing new tips, and the fact that the chord will only last about 1000 hours, and then you have to buy new ones.


Plus the fact that it is fatiguing having that silly chord digging into your earlobe by the pressure from the earcup.

Anyway, Wear your helmet, and if you do, try to put the visor down, I'm sure you will notice a change in sound too...




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I was denied a claim by WCB. She claimed that my hearing was adequate. She said the doctor was wrong. Pissed me off that I can't have a converstion with my wife because some dickhead with no medical degree can override a doctor's recommendation. I'm planning on looking into coverage through my healthcare but won't hold my breath....though I might hear better if I don't breath.

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