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Hearing Loss In Helicopter Pilots.

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I was denied a claim by WCB. She claimed that my hearing was adequate. She said the doctor was wrong. Pissed me off that I can't have a converstion with my wife because some dickhead with no medical degree can override a doctor's recommendation. I'm planning on looking into coverage through my healthcare but won't hold my breath....though I might hear better if I don't breath.

As I have already mentionned, every WCB has its own rules but they do tend to be very similar from one province to another. So I offer that in Quebec the law says the WCB must accept a Dr's diagnosis or have it reviewed by another Dr and in case of contradicting diagnoses, submit the issue to a panel of experts.


What the WCB is not required to do is accept that the diagnosed problem stems from the workplace. Since at least the Quebec WCB has accepted that hearing loss in helicopter pilots is a consequence of work that in and of itself should give you a strong chance of eventually winning your case.


That being said your story doesn't provide enough information to give you specific advise. But here goes with some more or less generic suggestions.


Your admitions agent said no - no you don't suffer from hearing lose - no your hearing lose isn't sufficiently importantant to warant WCB hearing aids - no you haven't proven a link between your hearing lose and your work as a helicopter pilot.


In any case since you did not officially contest her decision, it stood. Unless the refusal is less than about 30 days old, maybe 60, its probably too late to contest - so start over.


Ask your audiologist how to proceed - ask your audiologist if any other helicopter pilots have been approved - if yes, under what circumstances. In quebec, after 10 years as a commercial helicopter pilot they accept the cause to effect relationship between need a prescrition from your Dr, then an audiogram from an approved audiologist, then a prescription from a specialist in ORL.


Remember, no matter what the rheoretical obligations of the WCB there is no law guaranteeing their agents will make the proper decision - so you may have to contest anyway. If you are the first helicopter pilot in your province to make a claim for hearing loss you will almost certainly be requirred to jump through all the hoops of contesting. The good news is, the simple fact that it has been recognised in Quebec could be sufficient proof to win your case.


Although contesting is not rocket science, there is no use going through it unless your files is in order first. Rhen check the internet for free help with WCB issues in your province.

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