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Us Work Visa's


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Yes I am for now Helirico! Back into spraying, working on old Hiller 12E Soloys (Old girl, but sure are perfect for spraying!)

PM me you contact info, trying to figure out who you are!!LOL

Take care


. Well to help you find out , i'm an awesome pilot, clean cut, fit enough to please most hot babe, bad attitude, a reputation like no others, party animal , without an inch of tolerance for rats and can't barely snif a DOM in the same hanger. Back in the day's i owned one of the nicest black Ram 1500 you ever Saw. Oh btw, i'm your friend on facebook too... Lol. Cheers my friend. Ttyl.
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from my research I saw people getting in as a technical scientist...vs ame...

I had an L1 for many yrs also.. the lawyer did all the work,, ame isnt in nafta unfortunately.. one thing working for an american company, is after 1 1/2 yrs, you qualify for old age and with it medicare in case you want to retire I was told.

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