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My Passport.

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I would like to clear up a little annoyance I had last month on this forum.


From Elvis :




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Maybe the devil will issue you're next passport when the one you have now expires




Sorry for the comment Charles W. but I am proud of my Canadian identy.


I received my new passport yesterday, it was issued exactly as I had expected, there were no questions regarding my alligence to Canada or any of the moral degenerates that get elected to run the country.


However to reinforce my statement about aligence I am status North American Indian and many of my ancesters go back for thousands of years in North America.


I have an aligence to the land not to some political entity that has been corrupted.




To answer your PM about my medical, after much soul searching and discussion with my colleauges in Europe I have decided to reschedule the extra medical test until I finish giving the type ratings to the people in Holland who depend on me having a license to fly with.


Considering my status with the regulator I feel it is best to wait until I get my commitment in Europe finished before submitting to any extra risk in a medical that I do not by law require.


I am hoping that I can get a couple of crews approved to fly the airshow circuit in the PBY before I do anymore unlimited aerobatic training in the Pitts...that will sooth my doctors concerns about me having problems with high G loading at the young age of around seventy.


With regard to how do I manage in the 21 St. Century, **** thats simple...I am a mechanic / pilot and I train on the latest technology in aviation and keep up to speed with advances in my world...that and I am one tough SOB that just does intimidate very easily. :up:


Chas W.

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I am one tough SOB that just does intimidate very easily.  :up:

Chas W.


You left out the most important word, Rev. NOT. As in "DOES NOT intimidate easily." :) There, that's more like it.


I'm sooo glad you came back! As always, you're a man with a plan; can't go wrong there. Hoping for no new hassles and smooth sailing (flying) ahead for you. Hope you're doing some writing, too.


In honour of your return, I toss one of my favorite quotes out there for all of we mere mortals with continual differences of opinion:


"I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it." -Voltaire


Happy day! TQN (and welcome back home) :up:

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Over-Talk :


Hmmmm..sometimes the pilot side of my personality takes control and I type stuff that I hadn't really clearly thought out.


"I use the Canadian passport because I own the f.c.in thing ........"



Chas, I'll bet your NEW passport says on page 1 that "This Passport is the Property of The Government of Canada......."


So here is the correction:


I use the Canadian passport because I paid for the thing.


And I have paid for four of them since I started flying overseas.....I can't believe the number of stamps in them, jeeseses I must of flown a lot of hours with that many countries in those passports.


Doesn't that make a your skin crawl, eh ??


Naw, things like that don't bother me anymore, I have learned to not get to worried about stuff you have no control over, I concentrate on figuring out how to avoid paying money to them, I do not believe in supporting parasites.


Have you heard the latest on the money scandal Sheila Frazer uncovered?



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