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Prang South Of Ft-Mac ?

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Sorry you feel this way Kevin. My goal is not to spread the news of other's misfortunes. The goal is to generate content on this site that can lead to meaningful discussion about stuff other than FDT

Perhaps now is not a good time for you clowns to ask why you're NOT considered "professionals"

Dates don't match between occurence date and occurence summary. Delayed report ?    


If anyone has any comments or suggestions, fire away !




I appreciate both seeing these and the effort of sorting them from the other reports. Keep them coming! Each is an opportunity to learn to reduce risk before I am in a similar situation myself.


About the only suggestion I could make would be that if these topics are really so offensive to some people that they get their own area - something for incidents, safety and advice. I just know that there is a wealth of experience out there that we lowtimers would love to mine.

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If someone is that easily offended may I suggest a new career path. I find it funny in a throw up in my mouth sense that everyone is offended by naming names. Yet never offended when above mention company has screwed over good companies and pilots alike! This guy and the Q's have to go if we are ever to be taken seriously. If you work for this idiot you are the problem not him! Think about that.

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I say keep them coming Skidz. You seem to post fairly. My only recommendation to you is please try and post all CADORS relating to Helicopter Incidents/ accidents then you can't be blamed for playing favourites. There is nothing wrong with posting the name its public info on the CADORS. My only comment about this topic is those whom have to get into name calling about the companies that have incidents or accidents while hiding behind a code name. I have always had an issue with this. If you want to get into name calling and slandering then do it with your real name. That way the guy you are calling an idiot knows who he is going to pock in the nose when he meets you. As for when this happened i have no idea.

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