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How Long Does It Usually Take To Get Notified After Your Job Interview?

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I enlisted as an aircraft systems technician for RCAF last november, had my aptitude test on febuary, and now they are asking me to go in for my medical exam and then followed by an interview. I told my boss about it, and he believes I'm being short listed.

How long does it usually take to get notified if you got the job or not, because I've always been interested in a career in the military and I would really like to get started right away.

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It vaires. The best folks to talk to about it are your recruiters (but be advised, recruiting isn't what they signed on for and not all of them either want to be there or are even competent. Be gentle with them. :-P ). Just ask what steps are left and what the timeframe looks like.


You have passed the first big hurdle for sure. They are interested. The medical isn't really something you can control - unless you are sick. There is the possibility of rescheduling if you have the flu or some such and think it may affect the medical.


The interview isn't bad. Remember that at this point, they have already invested some time and effort into your application and you are high enough on the list to have been selected. They aren't necessarily looking to weed people out. They would love to be able to just take everyone on the list and not have to worry about running alternates through the process as well. Don't stress, be natural, and be honest. It isn't like a job interview or like looking for a lowtime job - these guys are actually looking to hire you!


Also, make sure that you brief your references to keep the answers short and positive. Yes, I know him. Yes, I reccommend him without reservation. No, I don't know of any reason not to hire him. Oh, and even if you can pass the fitness test with no problem, several months worth of physical and psychological stress in basic wears you down a bit. Don't let up on the physical activity before you get in.


Good luck!

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Started bmq in St Jean in March, and three months later I'm now in Borden. I'm semi skilled thanks to BCIT and now I'm on Pat platoon waiting for my common core to get started up. Should end in November if everything goes right and to my next unit I go. I really wished I did military alot sooner, because there's no way I could be getting the same benefits and the same job security as I have now if I was doing 5 years in the civy industry.

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I'm editing this second post because I don't know how to delete posts on the mobile site.


Here's a golden tip about BMQ, do whatever is necessary to not to get yourself injured. Seriously, wear those two #### pairs of socks properly or else they will become blistering pancakes before your third rucksack march, it's #### simple.

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I began my bmq career in March in St. Jean, and now, three months later, I am based in Borden. I am now semi-skilled as a result of my studies at BCIT, and I am currently serving on the Pat platoon while I wait for my common core studies to begin. Should be over in November if everything goes according to plan and I am able to go on to the next unit. I truly regret that I didn't join the military a lot earlier since there's no way I could have had the same benefits and the same level of job stability as I do now if I had worked in the civilian economy for the same amount of time (five years). 

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