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Ultimate Fixed Wing Instrument Option

Baja Guy

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One last note before the For Sale sign goes up. Further explanation of the training cost breakdown may be in order, because I added a lot of optional qualifications that aren't necessary if your end goal is helicopter/night only. And I made a typo while looking through the bottom of an empty Tecate on the previous breakdown.

1. The $4500 night rating should've said $2500. It was only 5 hours in a 22. My bad.

2. I opted for 100 hours to get commercial fixed wing rather than private. The $11000 for fuel and instructor would drop to about $5000 for about 45 hours plus all ground school, exams, and fees.

3. I opted for a multi engine rating. Deduct $6000.

4. I opted for group 1 IFR rather than group 3 in the Mooney. Deduct about $4000 brining the IFR training to $2000 depending on when you get the recommend.

So, you can see that to attain just PPL-A, fixed wing night, group 3, rotary night, and group 4 it would take my heavily inflated cost of $36000 down to $18000 for the total training investment.

I don't know if I'll ever use the multi group 1. It would be cool to do so....

I can't tell you enough how much I enjoyed the whole process. I'd be delighted to pass on whatever info or advice to anyone entertaining the notion to do the same process.

I'd also be delighted to pass on the Mooney to a good home. Hmmmm...., what's that in the marketplace??

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