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Prang In New Brunswick

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The one that humbled me was the first time I did water sediment sampling.They wanted to land in the middle of a million lakes to gather samples off the bottom.Well try that with no wind.Like landing on a mirror.And then hold your position while on the lake while two guys are jumping around out on the floats.Was real fun.I probably have more time doing float work then most as once i got the hang off it and not scaring the sh^t out of myself I was the guy that got stuck doing any type of float work.Such is the nature of the business.

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It seems archaic to short line a tower these days.

Lol Ring Dimensions interesting? Not so much:) unfortunately it's about as interesting as it gets from my office chair... DGP sounds like your buddy got a good scare. Although his pride might be a li

I'm just happy to read, that the pilot and aircraft survived....I hate reading obituaries!!!!!!

Have to wonder why the road to "experience" is full of "scared the shat out of myself" moments. Maybe it will change for the up and comers now a days. Don't miss those days when I used to come home with less undies than I left with, although not out of the woods yet.


In this case glad everyone is OK. Proves things happen to the best out there too, at any point in your career.

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Freewheel, it is beyond me why anyone this day and age would have the improper size rings on a hook as this has been a very big point of explanation for decades. If someone does not know by now that there are issues with diameter of ring related to EACH and EVERY hook in manufacture they truly are living in a cave but kudos to you for trying to enlighten them. Did you know that the big old hook on swing hook for astar when a load is swung forward can have the keeper lifted by swing frame and the load will go forward and off, regardless of ring size. But many have had zero issues with these hooks and are happy with them.



Skullcap, do you suppose the root caus is "living in a cave"?

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Ha ha...good one. Not going to answer that one sorry.


One issue with longline hooks is that most of them have keepers and operators have had little option but to purchase hooks this way. And for example the canam C3 hook is listed for sale with Dart and comes with a keeper, if you phone them they will provide the same hook without a keeper for a slight charge. I think it is strange that the hook manufacturers have been in a cave ha ha by selling hooks with keepers while their belly hooks do not. Probably a disconnect between purchasing and operations.


We use a keepered(word?) remote hook as well but have a locking keeper dead hook for most things other than our own nets and buckets which have proper sized rings.

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