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"That darn electro-box can't outfly me!". I assume you all still ride horses into town for fresh milk every morning too, because those darn petrol-burners are so unreliable!   Have you guys every f

If they do get drones to fix them at least they won't have to put much technology into the personality department.

Haha bazinga Shakey! Beep beep boop, beer level critically low, boop beep ding...

If they're going go sell this in Canada I hope they're building the drone that can roll fuel drums up hill in mud or snow :D


There's no doubt the technology is coming and I think it won't be long before we see them zooming up and down pipeline ROWs or along power lines. There's already several universities and colleges that have added UAV courses. If you live/work close to one of these you've probably seen the NOTAM's, because we all check our NOTAM's as part of our flight planning.

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A few months ago, I read in a magazine about an alberta base oil company already using UAV's to fly their pipelines. I think it was Encana, but don't quote me on it. I can see these things taking over very quickly, on some of the less skilled flying jobs, like pipeline patrols, leak detection. But I think it'll be a long time before it replaces any production type work.

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Can one just imagine, the regulatory rule changes required to accommodate this kind of technology amongst existing air traffic with scheduled and commercial services with both fixed and rotary wing?

Throw in urban sprawl, TFA's, mixes of controlled and uncontrolled airspace, and poor Transport Canada will be reeling more, than its current state of confusion.


They can't even move timely on existing rules changes that have been around for a decade.....!!!?!?!!!

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