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Thanks BE - it doesn't look like it's going to be the outcome everyone hopes for, at times like this....

yes it doesn't look good. They only made 15 minutes of flight from Campbell River and they must have crashed pretty close from where the body was found. Now the Navy must go in with the lateral sonar to find the plane :(

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Canadian Press


CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. — Debris from a missing float plane has been found near Quadra Island and has provided a clue on where the wreckage of the aircraft is located, the Air Force said Friday.



Debris from missing float plane found in B.C.


Aircraft wreckage is somewhere along the East cost of Quadra Island


Debris from float plane points the way



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Possible sonar sighting of missing plane


Last Updated Mar 7 2005 04:44 PM PST


CBC News


CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. – The RCMP in Campbell River say they believe they may have found the float plane that went missing last week with five people aboard.


Const. Dave Hay says there's been a sonar contact in about 30 metres of water near Quadra Island that could be the missing DeHavilland Beaver aircraft.


A Canadian Forces ship with a sonar and mini-sub has been been called in to help recover the plane.




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Thanks for asking TQN - and for the updates BE....There hasn't been anything new about the story in the past 10 days or so. The story (along with many others) took a back seat to the tragedy involving the RCMP officers in Mayerthorpe, Alberta.


The official search was called off some time ago - for abit, there was renewed interest, because it was thought that the airplane had been located, - but, it turned out to be a rock formation.


I would imagine, that there won't be any further searching done - and other than the one body recovered in the first few days after the accident, no-one else has been found.


And, of course, unless the plane is found, there will probably never be a definitive answer as to what really caused the accident.....


Truly a tragedy, no matter what the cause......One family lost two brothers in the accident - neither of their bodies have been recovered.

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Been thinking about this tragedy, too, Bald Eagle---and was wondering if there have been any updated stories since the sonar was called in?

Sorry for the delay...

Don't know anything else. I have been ill and didn't pay much attention to the news. Only today I came out to check my email and have a look at was going on...

So far didn't see anything about it.

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