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Why wear a headset at all? Let's go back to the days of hand mics!


I all honesty, I don't know for sure. What's more likely, that you'll miss a critical "unusual noise", or that you'll sustain permanent and irreversible hearing damage.


I've always started the helicopter before donning my helmet because my first training pilot insisted on that exact reason. When I did initial at my current company, I got ragged on by my training pilot because why would I expose myself to hearing damage for such a reason? Currently I don earplugs and helmet before hitting the starter, because I can already tell my hearing is going...

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I would depend upon the type of helicopter you are flying as to whether or not it makes sense to purchase. The anr systems work wonderfully for piston engines. The do not work so well with high frequency noise such as turbochargers or turbine engines. If I were to fly the md 500 series it would be worth it weight in gold as they have a huge noise issue from transmission and such right near your head. The astar series is about 92 or so decibels thus you can have that type of noise almost constantly. I found that in the astar you hear the compressor changing speeds and takes abit of getting used to. As far as reducing hearing loss, ANR does not help as the wave lengths of noise are still hitting your eardrum but the anr system transmits the opposite wavelength thus you brain does not register a "new" noise. Best bet is to purchase the cep kit and have actual noise reduction. Hearing abnormal noises is totally unknown as am not sure if anr would mask it or not but do not see why it would not thus is in my opinion why the cep kit is better.

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I can't find an emoticon that expresses me banging my head against a wall.

Be careful, you might damage your grey matter. No need to bang your head it was just a simple question. Are you this intolerant with your clients?


I understand the benefits of noise reduction particularly in certain aircraft. The sound of a C20R compressor is very hard on the hearing on the head. I own a Bose noise cancelling headset...


Several years ago our chief pilot had a C20R compressor blow apart in flight. 3 passengers claimed to hear a loud bang right befor the engine failed. The pilot has no recollection of hearing such a bang. The auto had to be stretched out to make an older winter road and there was minimal rotor rpm at touch down and a hard landing. Everyone survived with minir injuries (considering) but the aircraft went up in flames.


Given the importance of reaction time in an emergency such as this, could a noise reduction headset have an effect...? Possibly. It's something we discussed afterwards with TSB...and since.

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The ANR debate gets thrown around a lot on the fixed wing forums (www.Avcanada.ca) if your looking for lots of debate from both sides.


I used ANR (Bose X headset) for about 3 months in the SK76, after 2 years of flying it without. The Bose was quieter, without a doubt. And no, it does not drown out any of the noises you've grown to love/ count on. I could still hear the compressors change pitch, inverters come online and everything else. All it does is make the high pitch of the compressors slightly quieter.


Except that it didn't actually make anything quieter. If you read the forums on AvCanada the one thing that stands out is that ANR does not work equally for all people. Some people swear by it, some people (like me) found the canceling wave just leads to accelerated hearing loss. After 3 months I had to pack up the headset and go back to my old one because at the end of a 6 hour day my ears were ringing so bad using the Bose that I couldn't hear a thing for hours after a shift ended. Went back to the el chepo Dave Clark and my ears were better within the week. Now the fancy Bose sit in a box in my basement (for sale if anyone wants em....)


My advice would be to find someone who is already running ANR and beg to borrow their rig for a few days to try it before you commit.

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