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I installed Lightspeed Zulu in my MSA Gallet LH250.

It's doable but does require disassembly of the headset and cutting a few of its plastic parts in order to release the cables from the headset parts.


3 big advantages:

1) Excellent Noise Reduction.

2) Works with two AA batteries instead of 9V batteries.

3) Headset Bluetooth permits streaming of music as well as phone calls (compared with Bose A20 that does not permit music streaming, but only phone calls).


Note: The Zulu PFX cannot be used with a helmet because the adaptive ANR sensors on the cup need to be exposed to the ambient sound to be able to function properly. The Zulu, Zulu.2 would be a better choices.


​Also, disassembly of the heardset voids its warranty.

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