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Canadian Working In Usa

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Skidz ------hate to burst your bubble 'ol bean, but your ignorance of the powers of the Federal governments of Great Britain, Canada and the US needs some serious research. The powers that the government of Great Britain has in their Secirity Act knows no equal anywhere in the US of A and would not be tolerated either.....no matter what happened. It makes the Patriot Act look like something hatched by an old ladies Bridge Club........and it's been that way for almost 100 years. Next comes Canada and we borrowed a whole wack of the "motherland's" system, but not all. You can be grabbed of the streets of Canada by CSIS or the RCMP under a Security Certificate and rot forever in prison until the government decides to try you. When they do hold those court proceedings, it can be done "In Camera" (Secret) if they so desire. The Canadian Bill of Rights and Freedons can be castrated and no court in the land, INCLUDING the Supreme Court of Canada can circumvent that Security Act.


Before WW2 the Americans had no intelligence service and one William Stephenson of Winnipeg and numerous other Brits and Canadians assisted "Wild" Bill Donovan to establish the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) the forerunner of the present-day CIA. They trained the first Americans at Camp X near Whitby Ontario and two camps in the Okanagan Valley (the plaque for one still stands there on the shores of Okanagan Lake). The CIA is the sum total of those efforts and on their best day don't have the instituted powers of either CSIS or MI6 or the latest version of MI5. So we Canadians can rant and point fingers at the American security measures all we want, but we got them beat all to sh*t in that regard and it's been that way since before I was born. They have NOTHING in American law that compares in any way to the powers of the Canadian Security Act or the British version.......nor as stated, would the Americans put up with the likes of what we have in their weakest moment.

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Alrighty then, my last and final post on this topic:


Cap, I don't dispute what you say about legislation prior to 9/11. My argument is that 9/11 created a state of paranoia within our populations that facilitated governments passing legislation giving even MORE powers to law enforcement agencies. The justification for these new powers was global terror, but since then law enforcement agencies have put these new provisions to other uses, which in my cynical view was their objective all along. Had 9/11 not happened, the public would not have so willingly accepted this new legislation.


I tyhink we'll agree to disagree on this one Cap 'ol man ! :D


Now, back to "Canadian Working in USA"... :up: :up: :up:

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Skidz -----there's no disagreement here at all. Purchasing a copy of the Canadian Security Act (formerly the Canadian Secrets Act) states it all and little of what I stated was my opinion. Canada had nothing to institute since 9/11 because it was all law since before I was born anyway. I know the Act extremely well because my mother spent 2 nights and days in confinement as an "Unregistered Alien" even though she was married to a Canadian. All they did was bring a bunch of it out into the open so it became general public knowledge. Queen's Printer has the book and it might just be available on the internet. It was used extensively during the FLQ Crisis when they used the War Measures Act. That has since been thrown away because of public pressure and everyone figured that all Acts like that were now gone. Sorry, but all they did was throw out the Act with the lesser powers and keep the real "meat and potatoes" in the drawer........and it's there for all to see whenever their hearts desire. You will not find greater powers of the State even in the old Soviet Union.and again.....ours pales in comparison to Great Britain's......and that's also available to all.


So your concerns are valid and I agree with those concerns, but those powers you fear are not new here in Canada, but are new in the US. I you like, the US is playing "catch-up" to us and the Brits, but they are 50 years behind us and 100 years behind the Brits. Put very simply, you could be picked up this afternoon off the street under the Security Act, put into confinement, there would be no obligation to notify your next-of-kin, you could be held as long as they felt was necessary and when you trial day came, your Defense would not be allowed to see or have access to any supposed eveidence against you NOR would the Judge. One Ernst Zundel was recently deported from Canada under the same Act and his lawyer had no access to any information against him. Other methods had been tried over the years, but soon as they charged him under that Security Act, any semblence of a normal court trial went out the window and he was "toast". You and I would get the EXACT same treatment. Start reading buddy because your concerns aren't without their validity.

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