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Thanks. I see.




I am now relaxed again. That level of animation is uncharacteristic of me. I figure it must have been the diet coke typing.




What a great "where are they now" list. I am most impressed with the obvious brotherhood that spawned this. It would be great if even half of them frequented a common website forum such as this.



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A few more updates.


Duncan Handley Cambell RiverFIFT, Port Alberni

George Crawshaw Cambell River ;Still there, went to VIH, may be retired now

Glen Fawkes Cambell RiverCHC Global, IFR training pilot


Mike Sumanik Cranbrook; Helifor, lives on the island

Matt Callaghan Chetwynd; Kokanee in Revelstoke

Holt Chetwynd

Martin Kujawa Chetwynd; Helifor

Kevin Grigsby Dawson Ck

Terry Irvine Dawson Ck

Jim Drozduk Fernie; Bighorn in Cranbrook

Kevin Bond Fernie ;Still there, was on stress leave

Cam Allen Ft Nelson ;Quest Heli, Ft Nelson

Gord Grice Ft Nelson Highland the last I heard

Glen Vandersteen Ft Nelson; Quest Heli,

Zonk Dancevic Ft Nelson ;Quest Heli

Dave Mulock Ft Nelson; Alpine?

Kmiec Ft Nelson ;Richard with West Coast, Port McNeil

Matchett Ft Nelson ;Brad with the RCMP, Lower Mainland

Mycroft Ft Nelson; Brian? VIH?

Thompson Ft Nelson RCMP in YVR

Murray Adamson FSJ

Walker FSJ

Keith Bennett JR FSJ

Martiin FSJ

Gord Innes FSJ; was with Campbell, don't know if he still is?Also buffalo farmer south of PG

Don McTighe Golden; does anyone know what happened to him??? :D

Lyle Ledoux Golden; Alpine?

Al Miller Golden; still there with Canadian?

Kent Rumball Golden

Aaron Olynik Golden

Rob Dalinghaus Golden

Gary Clark Kamloops; still there with Canadian

Doug Williams Nelson; retired

Bruce Miller Nelson

Jacques Giard Penticton

Paul Gingrich Pt MacNeill Went flying a corporate 407 for some rick lady in the USA

Thebold Pt MacNeill

Fletcher Pt MacNeill

Darren Heer Pt MacNeill Back home in Nelson working for a local company

Pierre Bock Prince George In PG working for Aberdeen Helicopters unless he's retired since

Bartley Prince George

Phil Dyck Prince George

Ray Fessenden Prince George ;Has his own AMO, wants to retire

Duncan Wassick Revelstoke; starting his own company in Nelson (Dam Heli)

Stan Smith Revelstoke

Peter Murray Sea Island ; owns Talon Heli in YVR

Kolshuk Sea Island Highland in YVR

Guy Dery Sea Island; Kokanee in Salmon Arm (summer contract)

Sampson Sea Island ;Clemente, Helipro

Tom Brooks SmithersStill there

Terry Grant SmithersStill there

Darrel Adzich SmithersStill there Only God knows why!

Torunski Smithers ;Still thereStill there

Dave Newman Terrace Retired but still does the odd day or two when PPC'd

Bill Adams Terrace ;Retired, lives in Kelowna with daughter

Clint Sarver Terrace; owns Sarvair Aviation in 100 Mile House

Darcy Fisher Terrace Still there

Tony Walker TerraceTony resigned but works contracts with various companies

Slavin Terrace

Jack Banwhar TransMountain ;Passed away last year

Auld TransMountain

Kevin O'Neill TransMountain

Rod Watt Vernon; still there with Canadian

Chris Stewart Vernon ;Moved to Norman Wells, NWT still with Canadian

Michel Landry Vernon; Salmon Arm

Nick Konecny Williams Lk

Randy Ford Williams Lk

Clark Logging Support

Robinson Logging Support

Vern Zelent Spray ;Edmonton Police

Bob Garnhum Spray; IFR off shore East Coast

Palfy Spray

Sallenbach Spray

Doug Reid Spray

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T-rex........Here I am .....loving beautiful Southern Alberta! I never did thank DW, JPB, and BM for there 'almightly' plan of closing bases. It was the best thing that ever happened career wise, I would not be here now where I am. I wonder if those Beancounters will ever figure out why they loose so much work?!? :blink: (Duh!) The only work they seem to get are contracts no one else really cares about or logistically are impossible! The unfortunante thing is they have alot of good personal still there, under the 'Red Bird Hypnosis.' Hey, all you still there, THERE IS LIFE AFTER CHL.....Get out now and join the party! :up: .....Yes, flying can be fun and enjoyable. :rolleyes:

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My biggest regret was not to leave 10 years sooner :up:


Should have followed Pat, Dave and Wayne on their first days at the Empire.


Of course, doing that, I would have missed those great Uniforms, "...Yes Maam, Toasters are in Aisle 6, to your left and down that Aisle..just past the Tupperware..."

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CAP, the uniform that I was referring to was the "Canadian Tire" special or was that "Canada Post" special gratiously SOLD to me by the fine henchmen at the Codfish **** Corporation.....with the kind Blessing ... WEAR IT, OR BE FIRED ! ! !

And NO , I never kept one, the polyester sheite never even made a good rag for the workshop .

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