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Faa/tc Licensing Agreement

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Very good news indeed. Was wondering Phil if you have a suggestion on study material for the ACH airman knowledge exam Canadian ATPL-H to FAA? Would you know if the process is the same as fixed wing where we have to sit a 30 hour ground school and "fly" 10 hours in part 141 sim before even writing the exam? Thanks.

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I don't know those sort of details as yet, the study guide is still being finalised on the Canadian side.


Meanwhile if there is a heli instructor who fancies moving to Ottawa to write exam questions, PM me. I will pass your name on. I am already doing EASA ones :)



So , Phil, should I understand that a similar agreement is in the works with EASA?

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Pilot will finally become more wanted in here! Hey how bout that !! Better jobs and conditions over there, and a hole lot more. Lots of work too.. But just imagine the amount of N registered machines all over the world needing an immediate pilot.. All i can say is the starvation may have come to an end . Glad i had not spent a dime for this ! Wine is good tonight!

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