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Faa/tc Licensing Agreement

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The crew licensing is only a small part of the international work equation.....the U.S. ( and every country) has hurdles for foreign workers to overcome.

Work permits, work visa's, immigration laws requiring security checks, citizenship requirements both permanent and temporary, time in country and out of country restrictions, medical requirements, time with employer, taxation requirements, specialty work provisions, etc, etc......I have only scratched the surface with a few obstacles that flight crews will face trying to work outside of Canada.

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I am sure the helicopters fly the same no matter which part of the world you fly in, so to me it is pointless having to do all the exams in every other country you go to. Would thought the thing that changes the most is law and airspace so why not if you need a licence in another country the authority has a 2 day approved conversion course or something the like that covers appropriate things that may be particular to the country concerned, See no need to redo most things over again.

Then again it may just be to simple for an authority to do that.

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EASA pilots coming to Canada have to jump way fewer hoops to get their license. The other way around is a 14 exams,online mandatory courses,etc. And they bring to the table limited skills. Very limited skills when it comes to utility work. The only guys with solid mountain and long lining experience would be the Swiss. Unfortunately there are very few Swiss guys with that level of expertise moving to Canada to #### in a bag and be subject to market fluctuation and #### salaries . Most of the guys coming here are green and up to get their experience and go away. It would only fair if they would have to go trough the same process that we have to go trough the other way.

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What would then happen to all the flight schools in Canada If the conversion gets that easy ? You get a pro licence for 25 grand in florida !

It is a good point. Without looking too hard, a lot of jobs in the US require instrument no? That costs more does it not? Besides, as H56 says, you will still need that work Visa, and that is a whole different can of beans. I know guys that have done it, but it doesn't sound that easy. I've been down there a few times travelling around and asking questions, and while our all around utility skills are in demand, the visa is a big show stopper. Even with HR units out of the States. Unless you want to pick fruit, and have a spanish accent, and without HR head hunters bucking for you, it is very difficult.


Having worked for a company for years that hires new guys, most have come from schools where full-ons are the norm, mountain/snow exposure are common, and a good portion of us have been exposed to 1/2 mile with the dew point a degree above freezing. H%LL, one school has "cleaniing the helicopter" as part of the DI. While right now, "where you trained" doesn't matter too too much, I can see getting trained in Florida not looking to good on the resume, with nothing else to back it up.


Considering that most instructors in Canada come from the bush after years of working, and they do know the owners in some form or fashion given the size or our industry, I think that in this regard, the extra dollars will make a difference.


Just my two cents

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Does this mean that we will be able to convert a US ATP ( H) to a CAN ATPL ( H)? Much like the fix wing guys can do now?





It will be interesting to see how TC deal with this as in the US you can get an ATP without ever flying a multi engine aircraft ! i know of multiple guys who hold ATP's and have only flown R22's

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