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"evo" Flight Helmets

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If you can find a quality flight helmet for 5-800 bucks, by all means let me know.....I'd be the first to pick one up. I agree the price for a top of the line helmet seems ridiculous. That said, it's easy enough to spend well over a grand on just a headset nowadays, let alone a helmet..

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Hi I have just got mine and used it for the past 3 weeks and I don't know why I didn't ditch my Gentex along time ago, I got the EVO 252 dual visor helmet and have been very pleased with it, I did get the wrong size, but as its shell is the same size for all their helmets it wasn't a problem and I just had to shave the nape insert down with a craft knife until it fitted properly it took me 5 mins.

The only other small issue I had was my microphone, it worked fine in the 407 but when I jumped in the 212 it was unreadable so I had to put my old Gentex mic on it today and its been fine on both, having said that I just need to figure out what the adjustment screws do and i'm sure the new one will be fine.

The other option I went for was Bose A20 avionics which is awesome and the fatigue I would get from noise in the Gentex isn't an issue now, Helicopter Helmets do a really tidy install plus the Bluetooth for phone calls is outstanding people i've called didn't even know I was flying at the time ...just be aware though Bose might have a few issues with their headset being destroyed and fitted into a helmet if you have a warranty issue but its a risk I decided was worth it.

The Bose does a really good job of the ANR but it has struggled on the rare occasion with the beat in the 212 but only once or twice for a second or two over 70hrs of flying and in the 407 with the door off no issues what so ever and the 2AA batteries last about 5-7 days which I thought wasn't bad .

A couple of other guys at work have Gallet's and the Evo is a lot stiffer due to the thicker shell construction and the Evo chin strap is a lot sturdier than the Gallet they use a Alpha/Gentex system with a dome, also the cable anchor plate seems to be a more sturdy system than the Gallet.

With the Bose and a couple of other things it came in just over $3250US which is expensive but I was quoted a Alpha with no ANR for $2850 so was comfortable with that and after using it for this tour I'm more than happy with my choice.

Like I said at the beginning i've only used it for 3 weeks so far so some things may become apparent as time goes on but for the moment i'm more than happy with the purchase.

Thanks Dan

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I have been servicing helmets for over twenty years and I have to agree with Dan1978 the EVO is a great helmet. I own several helmets and it often comes down to personal preference.


Alpha, I waited almost two year for parts from one Alpha distributer! But they are a good helmet. Go to Davwire (Gary Gaudreau), good service and fast. The Alpha has plenty of room inside for a Bose, but also many pilots say that they are cooler to were in hot weather as they have plenty of room inside.


Gallet, is great, but the chin strap should have been redesigned long before it was released for sale, a worn one will probably not stay attached during a crash. Some pilots say they are very warm to wear in hot weather.


Gentex, still a good cheap model and easy to get parts for.


Evo, before people spread rumours about a new company, the helmet is very good. Having a Bose A20 inside mine makes it outstanding. This is the only company I have dealt with, that if I place an order for parts, I get a tracking number that same day.

Unlike the Gallet, the chin straps works and will last.


As for the comment on $500-800. Well a used, refurbished Gentex is US$750, so good luck with that!

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