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Need Egt Advice For 205A1 Please..


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Hello Guys,


I don't have too much experience with an EGT Guage in the 205A-1 with a T53-17 engine, but I want to run some numbers by you while the aircraft is on the ground and in flight and see if these numbers are "normal" or if they seem high to anyone..??


The temperature here is +24'C OAT, and our maximum starting and T/O EGT is 672'C, and 654'C for maximum continuous. (As per the placard)


We were flying at 2000', 35 PSI, 96% N1, and 555'C on the EGT Guage..?? Normal?


The difference between ground idle and flight idle is only 20'C. 540'C at 100% and 520'C at 71%. Is this Normal or should there be a greater gap in between the two?


The aircraft is equipped with a start fuel switch, and upon reaching either 25% or 400'C when the switch is to be turned off, the EGT guage will momentarily stop and then increase with the start until the trigger is released, even with the start switch in the off position.


Also, flying at 7000', +25'C OAT, 9500lbs for a weight, the rotor rpm started to drop off very "slightly". Maybe 2% or less. I had always figured the -17 was more or less "un-toppable" and a guy had to be extremely high before you would start to loose rotor RPM.


Any help is greatly appreciated fella's... Thanks.



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