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Responsible Aerodrome Development

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Essentially this will give a voice to those who buy land near an airport and build a house and don't want the airport there or developed. It will be inflammatory in every way. "Not in my back yard!"

will be prevalent at every hearing or proposal in lieu of safety and economic development. Please voice your concern regarding this NPA. or support it if you dislike aviation and dislike airports.



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That's not what it says. All it says that before new airports are built or changes are made to existing airports there must be broader input from all stake holders. How would you like it if you moved beside an airport, knowing exactly the operations that go on there and then they decide to fly big iron out of there? You didn't buy expecting DC10's flying over your house so of course your gonna complain.

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Oh man, the sound of that PURE RAW POWER from those 737 - 200 series Pratts on takeoff!!!! Nothing compares! Except of course the slap of the blades from a Bell 204 at 110kts when flying over the house on the way to the old YXD letting my Wife know I'm coming home after a long tour :-D. Now that's music! Bell 212 blade sound is pretty good too!

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