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Flight Duty Xls For Mac

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I just received this email from Eric Bradley.



It has come to my attention that the CrossOver software from CodeWeavers will install the Windows application FLTDUTY XLS and its variants on a Mac computer without needing Windows. Up until this time, I have been telling all those who asked that FLTDUTY was not compatible with any Apple product. Apparently, this is not the case!


You need to purchase the install utility (from me), then purchase the CrossOver utility from CodeWeavers. You don't need Windows or a separate partition. You can go to their website or contact Andrew Balfour <balfour@codeweavers.com> for help.






The recent NPA September 2014 from Transport Canada proposes sweeping and significant changes to the CARs and Standards sections on pilot duty time, flight time and rest limits and options. When these proposals become official CARs Amendment, there will be a 24 month implementation period for 702/703 operations. The 704/705 operations will need to have these changes incorporated into their SMS or FRMS immediately. FLTDUTY cannot be modified to accommodate these changes. The FLTDUTY software will be obsolete at the end of the implementation period. I will try to come up with another software program that applies the new rules for 702/703 operations before the end of the 24 month implementation period after the Amendment is officially published. I will not attempt to offer anything for 704/705 SMS or FRMS content.


Eric :^)

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If you need access to the pilot txt file, in order to send to the operations manager:

  • Launch Cross Over
  • Click on the "bottle" in the left pane that contains Flight Duty XLS. Might be called Setup.exe if you didn't rename it.
  • Click on the Cog Wheel (at the bottom of the window, to the right of the '+' and '-' buttons.
  • Click on Open C: Drive
  • Double click "FLTDUTY XLS" folder
  • Double Click "Pilots" folder
  • There you'll have access to the pilot file: Your Name.txt

Also, another way, use finder to navigate to the following folder:

/Users/YourUserName/Library/Application Support/CrossOver/Bottles/FLTDUTY XLS/drive_c/FLTDUTY XLS/Pilots


Replace YourUserName with your user name.

Replace FLTDUTY XLS with cross over bottle name (if you didn't rename it it might be Setup.exe).


Or you can also use the following shortcut:

  • In Finder Shift+Command+G (or in the Finder menu: Go ➜ Go to folder...) then enter the path: ~/Library/Application\ Support/CrossOver/Bottles/FLTDUTY\ XLS/drive_c/FLTDUTY\ XLS/Pilots
  • FLTDUTY\ XLS might be Setup.exe or another name that you gave during the installation process of Flight Duty XLS.
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