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Creating Some Form Of Pilot's Association

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Yesterday, I was going over some of the LMO applications some operators made and the arguments they filed in order to justify not hiring Canadian. One for example listed "500 hours and willing to live up north". He added a note stating Canadians were unwilling to live where the job was offered, which I know to be BS. The problem is Canadians have no idea these claims are made, and ESDC which is to evaluate the applications have neither the means nor the required background needed to evaluate these fake operator claims.


We need to unite to fight this kind of plague together. We are all affected : flight instructors, corporate, 702, 703, 704 and 705, both fixed and rotary.

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Prove without a reasonable doubt that a Canadian can do or be trained to do? That is perhaps one of the silliest statements I've seen on here. They just don't want to spend the money plain and simple. I know lots of IFR trained Utility guys trying to break into the Canadian IFR market that could probably fly circles around some of theses foreign EX Military guys that have the numbers but that's about it. Your statement hold about as much water as a grain of sand.

The beyond reasonable doubt statement is for the Feds before they issue s work visa to said company.

Interested in your line of reasoning about how a bush guy with an IFR course would know more about IFR than a military guy with actual IFR time!? Priceless...

Oh wait there, is it because my profile pic is in a mil 212 therefore I don't know how to fly in the "real world"; yep makes perfect sense - well done ;)

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More than happy to discuss in a PM freck. But we used to change seats depending on who was captain that trip. Oh and don't bush guys change seats depending on what they're doing?....in fact I remember doing just that, single pilot on fires in a 212. You see, you have to change seats in a multi crew environment else it gets very crowded on one side :P

Also love the fact your profile is completely anonymous so you can say what you like - good for you

But now we digress from the actual question posted.

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Well I often get attacked by the few Sunwing fools who were led to believe that its thanks to TFW pilots that their company was able to expand and hire them, and that further use of more TFW will fuel even more growth and enable Sunwing to hire more Canadian pilots.


These fools do not understand that if Sunwing who has 120 TFW pilots right now were to be denied those TFW next winter, that these positions would all be filled by Canadian pilots next year.


Then there are those who are afraid for their jobs, afraid of their employers, afraid of their chief pilots and whose motto in aviation is to stick their heads in every hole they encounter along the way, except when of course, they do something that their employer, chief pilot would approve of, which passes for sucking up to, and which does not imperil their jobs, like bravely attacking Gilles Hudicourt while writing under an alias on a Forum.


Once there was a Sunwing guy who was being insulting and cocky with me and from his earlier posts where he said he was flying turbo props, I knew he was a recent Sunwing hire. I posted that anyone who knew his real identity please PM me. Within one hour, our brave warrior had deleted all of his posts........

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