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Creating Some Form Of Pilot's Association

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Freck, I think Maury was talking about you not me?, you obviously have an issue with ex mil guys. I'm here as a perm resident with my family after spending 5 years and a lot of money to come to this country. If you were Maury I'm happy to apologize in public.

It's easy to ridicule and insult people on a forum under a alias. How about you come up with an idea rather than just putting prople down?

That's the main problem with any forum just look at pprune as well. You should have to use your actual name to be able to post. Mine is at the top left :D

Good luck Gilles. I'd be happy to sign up and or try and help rather than just ridicule. Pm me

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My efforts are not targeting foreign pilots who immigrate to Canada. It targets those Canadian companies, who claim that there are no qualified pilots in Canada and use that excuse to hire TFW pilots who take the jobs that should go to Canadians and Permanent Residents of this country.

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Thank you Gilles for you efforts. I hope you get some kind of association going. It's definitely time for it. Most professions have some kind of association. I know more than 80% of Canada's commercial helicopters operators do.


According to HAC's letter to Jason Kenny, there members operate over 80% of commercial helicopters in Canada. I would like to know, out of that +80% of Canada's operators. How many feel we need these TFW's. I know there are companies out there that wouldn't even bother hiring TFW's because they don't need to. They probably are not to happy that there neighbors that do are using them to undercut them. Which is just going to hurt the Canadian pilots working at the companies that don't need to hire TFW's.


For you low time guys out there. A lot of these companies that hire mass quantities of these TFW's, would be forced to hire you if there where less TFWs. These are the companies you get your first 1000-1500hrs then move on because they can't find experienced pilots who would lower themselves to work there.


Just my opinion, probably should have kept it to myself.

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I have to admit that I don't think the TFW program is the problem. It's that those workers are not paid market wages. If companies in all industries had to pay those workers what a Canadian would be paid and had to cover the full cost of training them, there would be less use of the program unless there was a legitimate need.


I welcome FW to Canada. It's how this country was built but for a change let make that progress with them and not on their backs.


P.S. To all military pilots: thank you for your service. Anyone who thinks that you are less skilled due to your career path is diluted. I would gladly share a cockpit with you.

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