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Gallet Lh250 Vs Gentex 56/p - Your Advice?

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Buying a new helmet and need some advice. I have a small head so probably can go with the small Gallet shell. I'm looking for dual visor and something that won't cause me problems longlining in an Astar.


Also, anyone have any problems with the CEP kits?


Looking to hear from people with either of these two helmets so that I can make a final decision.



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I can't speak about the LH250, I have the 350 which I like quite a bit. It's great at blocking out noise and has been quite comfortable. However I do have the CEP tips, they're a minor hassle but a major benefit. If you don't mind the extra 15-30 seconds to put the tips in your ear, make sure you always have extra tips and an extra cable set then I doubt you'll be disappointed.

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Have you tried on a Gallet 250 with the smaller shell? I have a little peanut noggin and I measured my head seven ways from Sunday - everything pointed to a small shell for me. But, I tried on a co-worker's small Gallet and it was much too tight - in particular, it felt too short front-to-back and made a pressure point right on my forehead. I ordered the large shell, used most of the padding and it fits perfectly.


A friend ordered the Gallet 350 in a small shell without trying it (he just went by his head measurements) and he wound up returning it for the same reason as above.


Happy helmet hunting,



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Thanks guys.


Bif: I used to have an older Gentex and I wouldn't go back to that, but the new ones seem quite nice. Are you referring to the 56/p?


Change1211: Do you longline in the ASTAR? Do you have any problems with that?


Darren: Thanks. That's very helpful.

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I have a yellow visor and I never use it. My depth perception goes out the window. I'm 6'5" and I have alpha eagle and I don't have a problem longline my in an astar and that helmet is much bigger than most.


I wish a had put out the extra cash on a gallet so go with your gut. It's a nice helmet.


Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

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Have you considered the Gentex HGU-84? It's comparable in every way with the HGU-56 but has a much smaller shell and is very comfortable and light (not to mention it looks better). I also have a very small nugget and still had to go large although my head mesurements pointed to the medium. I have tried a Gallet and found it front heavy compared to the 84. I see a lot of guys wearing CEP and ANR with the gallet but I really don't feel the need for any of that with my 84. and I got mine from Kitchener Aero with a flex boom kit and a bag for under $2000. Quite the deal in my opinion.


Good luck with your search!

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