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Your Job Is Going To A Tfw Pilot ? Write To Your Mp!

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Those pilots that are qualified for a job and that are overlooked in favor of a TFW pilot should write as soon as possible to their MP and complain.

This happens not only at Sunwing but at many aircraft operators throughout Canada. Many Helicopter Operators and Crop Dusters make use of TFW pilots in the summer. This must be stopped.

Those jobs are for Canadians and Permanent Residents of Canada first and should only be offered to TFW pilots if qualified Canadians cannot be found. You don't need to be type rated or need to have any special qualifications other than what would normally be required for that post.

How to find your MP


Here is a sample letter, should you need one. Of course, edit it as required to fit your particular situation.

Sample Letter to Members of Parliament


<<Your Name>>
<<Your Address/e-mail/fax number>>

<<Honourable Mr./Ms. [Your MP’s Full Name], Member of Parliament>>
<<MP’s address/e-mail/fax number>>

Dear <<Mr./Ms. [MP’s last name]>>,

As a Canadian pilot and your constituent, I am writing you to share a concern that I have regarding the employment of temporary foreign worker pilots in Canada.

There is a trend among some Canadian aircraft operators to augment their crew contingent with Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW) pilots. In recent years, TFW Foreign pilots have been hired by dozens of aircraft operators in this country, from British Columbia to Newfoundland, in all sectors of Canadian aviation. As many as 356 TFW pilots were admitted into Canada in 2013, and another 218 in 2014. Some are hired for short seasonal jobs by many are given work permits for two year periods. There are helicopter operators int this country that employ more TFW pilots than Canadians and Suwning Airlines has employed over 100 TFW pilots each winter for several consecutive years. Sunwing airlines plans to again hire over 100 TFW pilots next winter while overlooking available and qualified Canadian pilots.

The guidelines for the Temporary Foreign Worker Program stipulate that eligible foreign workers may be employed if the employer can demonstrate that they are unable to or train find qualified Canadians/permanent residents to fill the positions and that Canadians must be given first shot at Canadian jobs.
As a pilot, I know that there are highly qualified unemployed pilots in Canada. Several airlines in Canada have recently furloughed dozens of pilots and the low oil prices have greatly reduced helicopter operations in the oil patch, greatly reducing the number of available helicopter pilot jobs.

Rather than utilizing the Temporary Foreign Worker Program to fill genuine personnel shortages, I feel that the program is being used to create economic advantage as the carriers can eliminate the costs incurred for pilot training hire pilots only seasonally.

As your constituent, I urge you to raise the matter in writing with the Honourable Pierre Polièvre, minister for Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). I believe the Temporary Foreign Worker Program needs to be amended to ensure that TFWs are never hired on dubious excuses provided by employers but only to fill genuine labor shortages.

Thank you for your attention in this matter. I look forward to hearing from you on it.


<<Your Name>>

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... I feel that the program is being used to create economic advantage as the carriers can eliminate the costs incurred for pilot training hire pilots only seasonally.



This sentence needs to be edited, I think you missed a word or two. Otherwise, very well written and hopefully people make use of it!

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