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Tdg Courses?

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I've been meaning to get my TDG cert. to go along with my WHMIS, but not sure who/where is a good place to go to for it. There is the add in Helicopters that says you can do it at home with their course but I thought I'd check here before calling them up.

Does it matter who/where you get it from?


Thanks gang!

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Hey ryan if you are in B.C trie John French, they do the TDG online aswell as WHMIS,I'm not sure if they only offer it if your on with a compaine but I don't see the reason why they wouldn't. It takes only a couple of hrs to do online but you'll need the big book,and it costs. But its way better than doing it the old way if you can get a copie of the o5 issue and try online


hope that helps :up:

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Thanks for the info!


On the topic of safety I'll bring up an idea I asked about many moons ago. Have many here ever done any sort of Water Egress Training? I imagine it's mandatory for you off-shore folks.

It's another thing I will do one day when the cash is there. Before I thought it might look good on a resume, but now I don't care how it looks. In light of the recent float plane crash it really hits home. Plus after being on hand to watch a family member drown years ago, I know how easily avoidable it can be.


Anyone interested can check out a comany who does Egress Training here on the Island.



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Ryan, take the course when you can - its very good and could be life-saving, on lots of jobs aside from coastal flying - bucketing etc.. I took the course in Halifax quite a few years ago with a subsequent refresher. Heard the BC course is very good.

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