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On-Line Petition Agains Tfw Pilots

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My career is hardly what one would call illustrious...as for being inflated, I doubt you would think that if you met me as I have never taken myself serious.....after this many years, i have nothing to prove to anyone. You seemed to think my opinion was funny as I am working overseas.....my point was to say that my roots are still strong in Canada.

I am certainly as patriotic as anyone, and invested my time and own money to try and get HEPAC up and running as some of us could see a wealth of benefits with government funding to (get this), train, mentor, and develope Canadian talent....as for instructing, I felt it was a very small way to give something back to an industry that I love.

Many foreign students come to Canada, get their licences and experience, most go home, convert and fly in their respective countries.

My local MLA at one point dreaded seeing me walk through her front door.


Yes, TT you sound more than qualified, and I am pleased you are "standing firm" in your fight to help those, as you say..."Canadians being F____D"!!!

And please, if you feel the need to take more cheap sarcastic shots at me, fill your boots....I like a good laugh.

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Well that didn't take long to turn personal... Anyhow Tree Top I've known Heli Log around this site for a long time... I have never detected anything but full support for the Canadian pilots on this site... It seems to me you questioned his credentials in regards to his position on this issue... Bob filled in the gaps... quite effectively I think. I'd say he has had a great career and is justifiably proud.. I think most on here took it as a statement of fact... not something that warranted a personal attack...


and Rico "WTF" .....that makes no sense!!



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Some things need to be cleared-up here....

Northern Canada is a great place to gain top quality experience.

Subsequently, Canadian pilots can work almost anywhere in the world and their skills are respected.

Many foreign pilots want to come to Canada to also gain that type of experience.

The TFW program that was designed to help other industries also helps foreign pilots get work in Canada.

Subsequently, some Canadians may miss out on jobs.

Many industries would be threatened without the TFW program.

It would be hard to prove the Canadian helicopter industry would be threatened without the TFW program.

It could (and should??) be discontinued in our sector.

A petition will help that, but it will be a hard struggle.

Most of the Operators will fight it, as will HAC.

Also, the TFW program is strongly supported by big corporations like Tim Hortons.

Please don't misunderstand me....I don't condone the TFW program in our industry. I'm just saying it will a hard struggle to remove it.

Sign-up, and then keep up the fight.

Fighting amongst ourselves won't help at all.

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Over Talk good post. The TFW program needs to be stopped. its not going to keep foreigners out. It will just keep companies from abusing TFWs. There is a lot of other ways for foreigners to work in Canada. Like the holiday working visa. Most of the other work visas don't lock a foreign worker to a particular company. So if they are getting abused they can go to other companies. This levels the playing field and stops the TFW from getting abused. Just remember there are a lot more foreigners working in Canada than what has come out on the list Gilles provided. So the TWF program is not needed in our industry.

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I don't know but this was a similar issue back in the 70's. Back then Canadian operators were hiring X Vietnam vets to fly in northern Quebec on the Hydro Quebec James Bay project. This was due to a shortage of helicopter pilots. The federal government however provided funding to train pilots. Why doesn't the government do the same today and provide operators that same funding to help Canadian low time pilots get a foothold in the industry rather than TFW taking that experience outside Canada?

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