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Hey Bagger, I just recently had an issue with my CEP interface harness. I think I checked everywhere possible with no luck. I ended up calling flight helmet.com and ordered the part from them. After a couple more days of searching just out of curiosity I stumbled across CEP USA. Flight helmet charged me $75.00 for the harness and CEP USA, where everyone gets the part from was $18.00. Nevertheless I was pi$$ed! I called Flight helmet and asked how they could mark an 18 dollar part up to 75 bucks? They ended up giving me a credit and the part only cost $18. Just order from CEP USA! Super easy install once you drill the hole!

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I've used CEP's with moulded ear plugs for years now... work well but expensive and they seem to break the CEP wire after a while... anyhow I tried little rubber ones from www.earplugstore.com they work great and you get a bag of them for a few bucks. They are designed to take the CEP screw in ear piece and you just need to trim the length to fit your comfort level... they are cheap and comfortable and so far I haven't broken any wires...



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