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Fly Or Hac?

With their prices about equal, would you rather attend HAC or take 2 hours flight time?  

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I'm having a **** of a time deciding on this one. For me to go to HAC would cost about as much as 2 hours in a R-22. Some folks have told me HAC is a good show for the 100 fella, other say don't bother. So now I'm putting the question to the people! Were you in my shoes which would you go for? B)



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Only do what you can afford! HAC Vancouver is a big convention. Alot of good people from the industry go there for chitchat. The convention part, is of course alot of vendors trying to sell their products. The seminars, are getting better year by year. The dinner parties are really good, but require an invitation! Another 2 hours in a 22? is it really going to get you anywhere? Or maybe meet face to face with the people who may be your next employer! Food for thought~

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In This industry it all about who you know and how well people know you. Another 2 hours in a 22, Professionally speaking what is that going to get you. Why pay for your hours when there are companies that will pay you!


Ryan, goto HAC! Meet some people give them the chance to meet you and "feel you out" as it were.

Make appointments and see the people who maybe signing you pay cheques soon.

It'll be worth your while.


SC :up:

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Don't forget the Manufacturers Reps when at the show! I'm sure the West coast Eurocopter rep (Normand Chevrier I believe) will be there Talk these guys up. They know whats happening in their areas with what operators and can be a good source of leads

I've been to the HAC once and question whether it's the right environment for a low time job seeker, BUT, if your going to go then leave no stone unturned. You may find that it will be difficult to get the operators full attention at this meeting but you could certainlly get lots of contact names for later on site meetings.Good Luck Of course we expect you"ll let us know of your encounters at the meeting.

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hey there Ryan,

I was in your shoes last year and did go to hac....it was very interesting and educational but if you are looking for a job, probably not the best place for a low timer........people are often busy and somewhat in a different mind set (it's nice for them to be away from base and like to take advantage of that).for having been there and done that with the same intent my personal advice to you is to transform that money into fuel.....either for your car(hit the road yet one more time) or get yourself ppc'd or go spend those 2 hours in a r22 belonging to a potential employer and ask them to go with you that way they can see your personality in the cockpit and your PROCEDURES.I think that's the most bang for your buck.......but if you want to learn some stuff then go to hac. good luck out there..... :up:

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That's all good, but varied, advice above. Here's what I suggest.

Go to HAC as a member of our industry to see what's new etc. etc., just like everybody else that's there.

You will get a **** cold reaction if you go there as a 100 hour pilot with a stack of resumes looking for work.

Go to some workshops, look at the displays, drink some coffee, meet some people, shoot some BS, listen more than talk, don't overdo it in the bar, and most importantly, smile and laugh alot.

Just have some business cards in your pocket in case someone wants to know how to contact you.

Go there to make some new friends, not to get a job.......and you might be surprised......or at least make great contacts, oops I mean new friends.

Attitude and presentation is key.

Good luck, oops I mean have fun.


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As a former chief pilot I could not agree with fan more. Take your money and show your face. Now is the time, the busy season will soon be upon us. If you want it, stick to it. Do not expect things to happen fast. They won't. There is a lot of talent on this site, I'm sure a lot will agree. PM them. Most will be ready with all the help they can give.




P.M. me.

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