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Northwall Flight Helmet

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FWIW... the available info out there misrepresents actual delivered weight. 

I bought one because of it’s supposed super light weight. 

When it arrived, was very disappointed to find it actually weighed MORE than my single visor alpha  

That being said...Very nice nice fit and finish, and very low profile. 


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The Northwall is not super light. But it feels "light". 

I have had mine for around 5 years now and I will never purchase a different brand of Helmet. 

I spend most of my day looking down the hole in the Astar and Im 6' 2' and never notice the weight of the helmet.

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On 6/18/2019 at 9:03 AM, ScottyDont said:

Can anyone with this helmet compare the weight to a gallet 250?

1509 grams out of the box for the Northwall. 

Probably won’t have much trouble finding a 250 that someone can throw on a scale  for you and confirm but I believe it’s very, very similar 


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I tried one on at Skye Avionics, and am pleased that it fits my glasses with the inner visor down.  The things I hate about my gallet have been rectified with the Northwall design.  Love the twist tightener on the back, quality leather (I twice replaced the leather surround on my gallet), beefy chin strap, click style visor controls (my gallet’s Inner visor always slides down by itself), love the dual internal visors.

I ordered one, not exactly cheap, but I’m not sure what the other brands are selling for these days.

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