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Complimentary Apps To Foreflight For Bush Flying

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ForeFlight lacks some features essential to bush flying.

I conducted an extensive research to find apps that would provide these missing features.


1: Enter coordinates in UTM format, as many customers provide coordinates in UTM.

2: Work with alternate offline maps with ability to import waypoints. I wrote a detailed tutorial on how to import waypoint files to ForeFlight (http://forums.verticalmag.com/index.php?showtopic=22514) however sometimes it's handy to use other maps like topographical maps for higher terrain resolution than the VNCs. See 4 recommended apps below the screenshots of MGRS/UTM Pro and ForeFlight below.


1: MGRS/UTM pro can convert all coordinate formats. To enter a UTM coordinate enter the coordinates but replace the latitude band letter designator with either N or S for hemisphere. In this example I replace the "V" for a coordinate in the Fort McMurray region with N: 12n 455828 6331233.


Tap and hold on the MGRS coordinate format then copy it.

In ForeFlight when adding a new user waypoint, enter "MGRS@" prefix then paste the mgrs coordinate in the Latitude field: MGRS@12VVJ5582831233 and ForeFlight will accept the coordinate. Pity ForeFlight did not implement UTM format entry as well.



2: I found 4 offline map apps that are useful and noteworthy and listed them in my preference in descending order (first in the list is my favourite, last is least favourite)

(I) Gaia GPS - Offline Topo Maps: https://appsto.re/ca/bwHNt.i

(II) Galileo Pro: Galileo Offline Map: https://appsto.re/ca/cjxlt.i

(III) Avenza PDF Maps: https://appsto.re/ca/XfUjx.i

(IV) Topo Maps for iPad: https://appsto.re/ca/snO-v.i


The last 2 apps are a little frustrating as they work on map blocks whereas the first two work on whole regions. Topo Maps is also a bit frustrating to use as it relies on tap and hold gesture which most of the time is not recognized and needs to be repeated often until the app responds as required.

Topo Maps uses downloadable Topo Maps of Natural Resources Canada, many of the maps are pretty old.

PDF Maps uses PDF maps of Mussio Ventures.

All these apps are capable of importing GPS waypoint files.

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