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Faa Conversion Knowledge Test.

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Has anyone written the CCH Knowledge test?


It is 40 questions, and I am curious if it is the same question base as the CRH exam (which I wrote just before the changes in process).


Very last minute trip to write it so just hoping to prepare quickly.



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I did the ACH in April but not CCH. Study material for helicopter Canadian conversion exams is slim pickings, and I ended up using a general question bank from dauntless. By General I mean an extensive data base that covers much more than just the Canadian conversion. I assume the CCH will be similar.

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I just wrote the ACH (ATPL conversion) yesterday. I bought the ASA prepware app for the ipad and focused on Regulations and Flight Operations (around 420 questions). If you buy the books you should have the test code for all the required questions which you don't get with the app so the preperations wasn't ideal but sufficient to pass :)


Good luck!

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If it helps anyone, the exams are about the differences between air regulations and procedures.


The exams for PPL, CPL and the IR are all 20 questions, and 25 for the ATPL, including (H). The study and reference guides won't be updated any time soon.




Not that it matters but the ATPL conversion test (test code ACH) is 40 questions....


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