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Not What The Boss Wants To See....

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Customers take the darndest photos, what's the Boss gonna say when these hit the internet?!


"Bad Pilot, No"





OOps, too late, I found them ON the Internet ! A lot of us are guilty of such flight tricks at some point in our careers, BUT would you do it if you knew a picture of it would end up in on a Public website ????

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407 Driver -----oh I've seen that before. That's what usually ensures that one hears a rash of "clicks" as seatbelt buckles get engaged rapidly and the point is made that when the pilot says "do up your seatbelts", that he fokking-well means it. Usually only takes one time and solves the problem for all the other drivers also. Sometimes you have to repeat the spoken word many times........that movement (I'm told) usually solves the problem instantly. :D

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407D, I have to defend this one...


To be fair you should post the two previous pictures associated with the one you did - not sure if you saw those or not, but I found them, #'s 3&4.


Photos are deceiving, and the one on this thread is not of a 212 doing a hammerhead or such, plus there are no pax on board. It is a 212 empty, flying down to the pickup and kicked out of trim (to prevent rotor overspeed on the way down) - thus the funny angle which looks "bad". The previous two photos show the 212 in descent from different angles which show he's not stunting.


I would post the other two, but can't figure out how to - Maybe you can 407D.


On another note, cowboy flying that gets back to the boss, IS a ticket home here - efficiency is appreciated and that's what was captured on the photo.


And no, I wasn't the 212 pilot - he's as long in the tooth (and as safe) as you!


Let me know if you can't find the other two photos and I'll see what I can do.

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Squirrel ----I'm told that it not necessary for any "hammerhead" at all, just a very steep pull-up of the nose to avoid a collision with a female bald eagle protecting her nest for example. Those females can be very protective of their airspace. I believe I even make out what could be a bald eagle at about the 8 o'clock position from the T/R.

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Just so there is no doubt in anyone's mind who is displaying this "efficiency", it is a Vancouver Island Helicopters 212.

I am sure that other companies will be lining-up to take credit for such great ways to prevent "rotor overspeed", but don't be "deceived" again......it's VIH.



1; what is the sideways-flight speed restriction for the Bell 212 ??

2; what "bad angle" does the helicopter have to be photographed at before it is considered "cowboy flying" ??

3; do you fly this way ??


Regardless of all that....back to the original point; will the boss be happy to see this on the internet ??

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Squirrel, a few points...


1 ) I purposly never showed the other photo's , because they positively identified the company. In the photo I showed, the colors were a bit vague as to who it was. OK OK, anyone in the ski industry would have figured it out, but the average guy east of the Rocks may not have ID'd the colors.


2 ) In My last line under the photo, I admitted that a lot of us have been "snapped" at the most inopportune times. I had one such shot...in the old "Huey tuck" ...a 212 with the nose pointed straight down the run at an extreme deck angle on a cover brochure in 199X for XXX Heli-Skiing Ltd. ..I learned my lesson then...


3 ) I quote the esteemed and knowlegable "Over-Talk" ..."Regardless of all that....back to the original point; will the boss be happy to see this on the internet ??"


I know my boss frequents these sights, and I have been "asked" about a couple of my pics.. :blink:

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