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Not Flight Training But Is Training


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So a question for all of you who fly in the field and want some real world training/experience..


I have recently (Friday) been laid off from my position as a safety instructor. Obviously, I am now looking for work as I don't think Mrs. Twinnie wants to live on the street.


So, here is what I teach guys and gals:


- OH&S


- TDG (ground - Canadian and American)

- Gas Testing

- Respiratory Equipment (APRs, SCBAs, and SABAs)

- H2S Alive (Enform)

- H2S and Other Toxic Atmospheres

- Confined Space Pre-entry

- Confined Space Entry

- Industrial Fire Fighting

- Standard 1st Aid/CPR/AED

- Ground Disturbance Level 101 and 201 to the standards of the ABCGA

- Work Management

- Competency Assessor

- Electronic Permit to Work

- Naturally Occurring Radioactive Materials (NORMS)

- Hydrate Awareness

- Introduction to Fall Protection and Working at Heights

- Hazard ID and Risk Assessment

- Accident Investigation


So what would you be interested in? Would you be interested in a 1 week program that covered most of these? What about something put together specifically for your company?


Looking forward to what you have to say. If you want, you can email me at gchyzyk@telus .net

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so true, grasshopper... been doing safety training now for 19.5 years.... add in a stint on HAI's EMS committee, former writer for Helicopters Mag, current individual member of HAC, and former PPL(A) until I lost my medical.. All good wishes welcome but I do speak "aviation"... ;)

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