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Deadly 206 Crash

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as soon as i saw it on the news/ the colours almost have to be either a current or former Canadian bird, red and blue without a doubt thats has been a canadian helicopter, news said it was leased to sevral people to fly for training,



having lived in penticton all my life there is NO doubt in my mind that that heli does or has belong(ed) to CHC


As all my thoughts to the young lady's family :(



Edit in: the BC bud thing, this doesnt seem to me to fit the way they do things, haha when they left the one here it was owened not leased and was unmarked, also was equiped with parephenailia (man thats a big word) but everything else kinda points that way, no idea why the heck the american bird was there

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According to the reg shown on TV this evening:


Another google search showed it was in Vernon Last year... the one that ended up in Penticton?? Can't remember for sure.


Directly from the Official Canadian Civil Aircraft Register database.

Mark C-FAHV Serial No 767

Common Name - Bell Model 206B

Base Of Op. - Country  CANADA

File Location Vancouver Basis for Eligibility for Registration Type Certificate - H92

Type of Registration Private

Category Helicopter Weight (Kgs) 1451

Manufacturer Bell Helicopter Company

Year of Manufacture 1972

Country of Manufacture U.S.A.   

Owner Registration

Owner Registered Since 2004-05-20 Last Certificate of Registration Issued 2004-08-20

Engine Turbo Shaft Number of Engines 1

Owner Information

Name ( 1 of 1 ) Pinnacle Reef Explorations Ltd Mail Recipient Yes

Address 8320 Lickman Rd

City Chilliwack Province British Columbia

Postal Code V2R 3Z9 Region Pacific

Invalid Address yes

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Skids, the 206 parked on the reserve last Fall was ALQ. Neither the registration nor the S/n (1649) shows on the TC registry yet.


Here's a brief history of AHV, I sort of recall that this may be one that suffered an engine failure in Terrace about 5 years ago ???


1 C-FAHV Certificate of Registration 2004-08-20 Bell 206B Pinnacle Reef Explorations Ltd 2004-05-20

2 C-FAHV Certificate of Registration 2004-05-20 Bell 206B Pinnacle Reef Explorations Ltd 2004-05-20

3 C-FAHV Cancel C of R 2003-11-20 Bell 206B United Helicopters Ltd 2002-08-29

4 C-FAHV Certificate of Registration 2003-06-09 Bell 206B United Helicopters Ltd 2002-08-29

5 C-FAHV Certificate of Registration 2002-08-29 Bell 206B Silverstar Helicopters Ltd 2002-08-29

6 C-FAHV Cancel C of R 2002-08-29 Bell 206B Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salva 2002-06-21

7 C-FAHV Certificate of Registration 2002-06-21 Bell 206B Westcan Aircraft Sales & Salva 2002-06-21

8 C-FAHV Cancel C of R 2000-12-05 Bell 206B Canadian Helicopters Limited 1989-09-19

9 C-FAHV Cancel C of R 1987-11-16 Bell 206B Associated Helicopters Co Ltd - -

10 C-FAHV Cancel C of R 1989-09-19 Bell 206B Okanagan Helicopters Ltd - -

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Hey guys,


As I had indicated I recognized the colors. It was FAHV like Skids Up indicated. It was operated by United but more recently Pinnacle Reef Explorations Ltd according to Transport Canada.


Cole you are right it was a CHL aircraft but had since had the blue repainted to a silver colour.


As i said before my thoughts are with the girls family.

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