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Deadly 206 Crash

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still sounds like there is something mighty fishy going on here... <_<


and i gotta take issue with some of the press writing?? is "dustin" a driver that he shut the bird off, the "prop" digging into the ground... sheesh!!


and starting cpr in spite of there being no pulse?? that's the whole reason you do cpr... the pulse and respirations are absent!!!


not to take away from the tragedy of what happened but you gotta wonder where some of these reporters get their background material.. :down:

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"On Sunday morning, Christina was in the helicopter with the pilot when he said it wasn't safe to take off..."


Uhh, who quoted that from the pilot? This 'Dustin' person? How could he possibly know that unless he talked with the pilot or his girlfriend was still concious?


And, as previously mentioned, this 'Dustin' person, he knew what to do to shut down the 206?


Still sounds a bit fishy.

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Abbotsford News

Thursday, Mar 10, 2005



Was boyfriend flying chopper?


Mystery still shrouds the helicopter crash that took the life of 22-year-old Christina Alexander on Sunday.


Abbotsford Police Const. Shinder Kirk said yesterday the identity of the pilot has not yet been confirmed.


"No one claiming to be the pilot has come forward," he said yesterday morning.


However, a witness to the crash said he has no doubt about who the pilot was.


"There isn't any question. There isn't a missing pilot or anything like that," Greg McKinley told CTV News.


McKinley, who watched the helicopter crash from his living room window, said the boyfriend of the deceased Chilliwack woman was at the controls when the Bell Jet Ranger crashed, and had been on his property the day before.


McKinley, who leases his 58th Avenue property to four individuals to use for take off and landing, said the chopper lifted off the ground four to six feet before it listed.


"It just kinda leaned over to its side," he said.


Friends of Alexander, however, relayed a different story on Monday. Kristin Panchuk was told Alexander had surprised her boyfriend, Dustin, with a helicopter ride that morning.


Alexander was inside the aircraft when the pilot said it wasn't safe to take off, and decided to move back a bit before landing and picking up Dustin. Dustin was on the ground when he watched the chopper go sideways, Panchuk recounted.


After the crash, the pilot took off, said Panchuk, and Dustin pulled his live-in girlfriend from the helicopter.


However, Panchuk said yesterday she was "confused" by the differing versions of the crash she is hearing.


"I have questions myself," she said. "The most important thing is finding out the truth for her (Christina)."


When emergency crews arrived, two men were giving Alexander first aid, and police said it "wasn't immediately clear or known whether one of them was the pilot."


Police investigators say they are "making progress" in their investigation. The Transportation Safety Board is also investigating the chopper crash, and said Monday the incident had the characteristics of a "dynamic rollover."


In areas with soft or uneven ground, the skids of a helicopter sometimes get stuck as they are trying to lift off, said TSB's Alec Moffat.


The helicopter is owned by Chilliwack-based Pinnacle Reef Explorations.





Wrecked helicopter is removed from site on Monday.

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the similiarities of the paint, (even though the new coulour is silver), must make CHL cringe. Assiciation just from the scheme has got to be hurting them. The average joe wouldn't read the name, he'd just see the coulour and scheme.

I'm surprised that there isn't a more enforced clause about changing the paint when they sell off the old crap.


It is indeed a mystery. ACRO transported a wrecked 212 (OKG) and a wrecked Astar from Edmonton to Vancouver without covering the bent fuselages. Just as 407 how fun it is explaining that to the local customers when the bent up company colours are parked at the local hotel overnight.


Does great things for marketting, eh?


He doesn't have to worry, those pics only help his cause now.



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