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Deadly 206 Crash

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and yet, people know that airplanes and helicopters sometimes fall from the skies the same as their cars sometimes try to occupy the same space as someother inanimate object...


one of the 1st things i think any public information officer(pio) needs to realize is that when you try to hide the identity, you only come across as trying to hide something more than the name...


in addition, you'll get some hotshot young reporter who knows that TC has a database where they can check out the reg and then watch the made up crappola get published...


it's your marketing dept's job to reassure your customers that the occurance of incidents is far less likely to happen because you take care of your machines, etc... AND, in my simple opinion, to make sure the media reports the facts by making sure they have the correct facts...

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those pics only help his cause now.


Rotorhead, I don't wish a bend on anyone, as all companies bend, and every pilot could anytime, anywhere. Any pilot that says he won't , is probably the next one to !


I just want ALL of us to get through the rest of this dismal Ski season in one piece. I'm guessing there's a few Insurance companies wondering why they insure skiing right about now.


Suck it back a notch, boys and gals, be safe, there's 3 too many ski machines on their sides already.



REe: recognizable paint....


It's very unfair to CHC/CHL to have that 206 on the News looking like one of their aircraft, as they aparently divested of that airframe 5 years ago, after the hard landing in Terrace. Alpine went through a similar situation in November with that ex-206 on the News, on the Penticton reserve.

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Rotorhead, I don't wish a bend on anyone


That was not the intent of my statement, I just know how proud of the fact that you moved over to the other side of the airport. Certainly don't think that you would wish damage to anyone.


Have a good one, we're getting ready for another dump of snow here on the least coast.



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SNOW ? !  I remember waaay back, when it used to SNOW in the mountains, gosh that was a long time ago.  Me? I only fly in direct sunshine now, and prefer to land on green grass.


Send a picture of snow out here RH, some of the young Guides forget what it looks like  :D  :D


I had an email and a few pics sent from Chilliwack today, they have flowers blooming in the garden and have mowed the lawn a few times already.


Time to move back "home" to BC.



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There's not much mystery to shutting down a Jetbox or even a Bell 47. During my career I know of a Bell 47G3B2 being started and meedles "married' by a 10 yr old (and "marrying" those needles was touchy enough for a trained pilot as it was on the first ride for a check-out) and 2 Jetboxs being started and lifted-off, immediately into a crash by non-pilots. So shutting one down could probably be accomplished by half the folks today at the local WalMart parking lot, if they really felt they had to. So I wouldn't necessarily "read" too much into that particular item.

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Police were taking a statement from a lady that lives there and her husband was yelling for her to keep her mouth shut.


I was wondering what the possible liability, if any, of a landowner who leases land for take-offs/landings might be? Is this a common practice? I imagine in remote areas it is, though I don't know if this was a remote area or not.


Are these landowners held accountable for ensuring that only reputable operators are using the take-off/landing areas---or do they pocket cash and look the other way without checking one's credentials? Don't these landowners have a responsibility to ensure the area is safe (sounds like soft or wet soil was clearly a problem) and if so, how do they manage during the wet season? Would a landowner even know whether or not their landing area was safe at any given time? I sure wouldn't, though I could give it only a mere guess. I suppose I'm just wondering do these landowners operate reputable businesses or do fly-by-night (figuratively speaking) operations come into play on occasion? Do they even carry insurance for such an occurrence? Just curious. :huh:


So tragic when a day starts off with good intentions and ends so miserably. By now, the pilot's shock has no doubt worn off enough that hopefully he'll surface soon and put the rest of the puzzle pieces in place. Guilt is an almighty motivator; perhaps it will hit him soon---even if he's not at fault in his own mind. What a shame...<_<

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